November 8

Flow Chart and Preferred Website

Research and planning was done to find what was conventional in a website and it’s design this was done specifically to the chosen genre that we had.

Although we kept to conventional methods it was also important to incorporate our own ideas and designs so that our website is diverse and personalised. We decided that we had to scroll down to explore the different sections, we had the ‘Bio’, ‘Tour Dates’ and ‘Contact’ all below the fold on the home page, which we was  a simple but an effective layout. On the other hand, we had completely separate pages for ‘shop’ and ‘music’, this was to isolate the viewer with that chosen subject because these pages were where they will purchase merchandise.

From this, we carried our idea on to Wix, which is where we were able to construct our website. We chose this site because in terms of software that was able to help us create a website, it was the most superior, it gave a helping hand when creating our website as well as being able to create it to a professional standard, it really gave that perfect mixture of professionalism and simplicity in leaning how to use the site.

Below is the homepage of the template we chose.

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