November 9

Evaluation of Web Design Application

It has certainly been a very exciting couple weeks learning new technical skills and exploring what makes our website successful. I thought using Wix made the whole learning process much easier, it walks you through everything at the very beginning of creating an account, this meant that you already had developed a basic knowledge of the site before you had even started creating a template. Wix provides a vast amount of templates at your disposal, Babul and I spent a while searching through these templates to find one that would prove to be the most conventional as well as being easy to navigate round.

This was theĀ first important feature of the site I had to get to grips with. This is called the navigation bar, here I was able to do many things such as, create a new page, add music or a merchandise store, it all came from inside this side bar. At first, it seemed difficult to utilise this bar because there were so many options to choose from, once I practised using it I learnt where key features could be found and it felt easy.

I found linking website hyperlinks to images, videos and logos were really effective in making the website professional and fluid in terms of navigation. For example, this tool meant that you could click on the twitter logo and it would take you to the twitter page of the artist. These links and skills mean that there’s a more professional image that is being conveyed of our artist, furthering the star image of our star. These links are important for the audience as they take them to more sites of merchandise or tickets where they can spend more time and money regarding the star.

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