November 10

Web Page Draft One and Final Draft With What Has Changed.

This is the first draft of our Web Page:



Based on the feedback that we received from our teacher these are our targets we have compiled together :

  • Create some news articles
  • Insert our mission statement in our bio
  • Delete unnecessary links and social media icons
  • Include some different shots that we’ve taken
  • Hype our album and music video more, also including the digipak for hyping up the album

Following the feedback we received, we have made a series of adjustments. Here is the updated version:

The steps we took towards improving our Web Page are as following :

  • Implemented our digipak more thoroughly on our website.
  • Included a gallery of our artist, which gives more inside on his life.
  • Included many more different images as part of the gallery.
  • Included a news page with some headlines.
  • Implemented our mission statement as part of the ‘about’/bio section of the artist.

Overall, with the feedback given we were pleased with the outcome of our website.

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