March 13


Me and Matthieu created a storyboard with the sheet above. This was the first step before creating this montage. I found this task really helpful because it gained us an idea of what we wanted to create when it comes to us filming it. I thoroughly enjoyed doing task, although I’m not very good at drawing, I could elaborate my understanding of film production and directing it. I focused on creating a sense of chaos throughout the day that I am creating with fast cutting speeds. I also believe incorporating a variety of camera techniques and angles is very important, and I don’t feel that I took advantage of this in my last task.

March 12

Present Face Video Task

  • I have used the following camera techniques, two shot, pan shot, close up and generally using medium closeup over the shoulder of the person they are talking to. The two shot was generally as a back up for shots that were too difficult to edit or had mistakes.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense that we the audience are viewing the conversation closer and are a part of it.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules, 180 degree rule and reverse shot. The 180 degree shot is having the camera stay the same side of the conversation the whole time.
  • I used these rules to create a better sense of being in the conversation.
  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro, editing the clips so they flow into one video. This took a lot of time to do as you have to make it run smoothly trying to make it look as if it’s been filmed in one take.
  • I used these tools to make the clips into one video, and run as smoothly as possible.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently, I would take more clips from closer up or further away to create diversity within the clips. I would also add more actions in the clips to make it more advanced.
February 15

So, how did it go?

My magazine has most definitely improved since the start of it’s production, which I would most certainly expect due to the hours I spent evolving it. I feel that the best way of realizing this improvement is by looking at the difference between my 1st and final draft, and comparing them.

The difference between the two front covers are massive, I think that my final draft looks a lot more professional than my first draft. Reasons for this is how the model is cut out. I took a lot more effort into editing the image that I wanted to be on my front cover, I feel that now the image looks much more professional due to it looking cleaner. The biggest change I made to it was the fact that I made the image and background black and white, which I feel makes the red of the text and shaped stand out more, which looks really good as a page.

February 13

So… How is it going?

So far I am really pleased with how my Music Magazine ‘Beatz’ has evolved since the start. I feel that my front page is really strong, it keeps a consistent colour scheme and I feel that the image is photoshopped well so that it looks at a professional level. I think this has been one of the most challenging factors of creating my magazine, it is such a lengthy process, especially when you have to cut around hair and jewellery. Since the start of making the front cover, the masthead has been really strong, in terms of it being bold and matching the genre hip hop. There has been a lot of work into placing the text and changing text styles, but now I feel at a point that it is at a suitable level.

I am still having trouble with making my contents page to an acceptable standard, since the start I have always had a solid page structure for each one of my pages other than my contents page, this is the reason I have struggled in making it. The masthead I feel is weak in comparison to the front page, and I need to spend more time cutting out the image or my model as so far it looks unprofessional and poorly edited.  I also feel that I need to add another image to make the page more interesting, I feel that it is quite basic and doesn’t convey my brand well enough.

I feel that my double page spread is also really strong. I feel that when I got the article into it, it made it easier for me to shape my page as I knew from the article what I wanted to portray, which was discrimination against black people by the police. I’ve always found writing one of my strong points, this was furthered by me having taken English as an A-level. Through this I feel my article for the double page spread is really good even if I do say so myself. The image that I chose to be on my double page spread contains leading lines which are a technical camera term which we discussed earlier in the year, I also feel that it captures the image of a hip hop artist which is what I was really trying to aim to do.



February 13

Dragons Den Pitch

This is our second Creative Critical Reflection of our music magazine. We made a video through filming ourselves with a written script, we then put the footage in WeVideo where there was a template of Mr Gregson and Mrs Cobb having already filmed themselves asking the questions and reacting to them. We had to learned to edit our footage and break it up so our answers followed the questions that had been asked.

February 8


These are the two adverts I have chosen to be in my music magazine. I have chosen both of them in connection with music, being headphones and speakers. The advert of Beats headphones have a much more direct link with Hip Hop as they were created by Dr Dre who is a Hip Hop legend, seeing as the genre of my magazine is Hip Hop, there is a very good connection between the two. It is also very closely linked to my magazine because of the name of the product being almost the exact same as the name of my magazine, however there is a difference of ‘s’ and ‘z’. Lastly, the colour scheme of the beats advert is the exact same as my front page which is red, black and white. Red is the most common occurring colour in my magazine, so it works extremely well visually having the advert and magazine of similar colours.

February 8

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

In evaluation of this feedback from my teacher.

Technical Production Skills:

  • There are only 3 images so far, there must be more than 3, so it is very important that I add another one.
  • Main star on the front cover needs to be feathered in photoshop as the edges are too rough.
  • Main cover line layout needs to be changed, this will make it clearer and more interesting as a page.

Magazine Conventions:

  • The contents page should include the colour yellow to match the yellow on the hat of the star.
  • On the front cover or contents page there should be a caption from my female star.

In terms of level of skill:

Looks like a magazine: In between level 4 and 3

Mise en scene in the photos communicate genre:  In between level 4 and 3

Layout and Page design is engaging: Level 3