September 17

Our Mission Statement

It is important to take into account key marketing strategies, how to sell your product? Who you’re selling to? Why you’re the right choice?

This is the Mission Statement for Finn Wolfhard.

Finn, so talented they had to give him two N’s. He cuts through the charts like a finn through water. Eccentric, exciting, energetic, 3 words that give him justice. He’s down to earth and has a universal appeal, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground but still able to fly. Inclusive of his audience and inspired by love. You’ve never seen an indie artist this fun.

September 15

Digipak Conventions and Analysis

Below is the analysis of a Digipak Design produced by a professional band ‘Bastille’, of their album ‘Bad Blood’. This task has been really important in taking into account the features that make a design conventional to it’s music and artist. Having deconstructed this digipak, I feel much more comfortable as we are beginning to plan what our own digipaks are going to look like.


July 13

Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft 4 which we are extremely proud of. We have updated it and played around with it to a point where we are very pleased with what we are seeing. What we have changed is:

  • Added colour correction.
  • Added narrative.
  • A new close up and wide shot.
  • New reverse track.
  • Title at start of song.
  • Throwing cassette shot.
  • Locking door shot
  • Reaction shot
  • Pan up
  • Added slow motion on shot of Millie.
  • Above piano shot
  • Change of shot order.

After this feedback from our peers, we have come to the conclusion that our targets are:

  • The performance in the new wide shot is a bit weak as he looks unsure in what he’s saying.
  • Shot changes should be on time to beat.


July 10

Production Skills Evaluation 2

In my last Production Skills Evaluation post I touched on the production skills I had learnt up to that point which tended to be reasonably basic skills due to the fact that we had only really just started making our music video. However, prior to my last post I have furthered my knowledge and advanced my skills.

Firstly, one of the most used and significant skills that we acquired is the colour correction effect. This effect is implemented to change the colour of the picture and give the image a different feeling, for example making it look more vibrant or colder. We were able to convey themes and ideas, such as, using an orange/ light red colour will enforce an autumnal feeling to the video. We regularly used the same colour correction on different clips due to the fact that we wanted to create the same feeling throughout our video. The colour tended to change between the two characters as they were both in different states of happiness/freedom and sadness/imprisonment.  We were able to do this by clicking on the lumetri color tab which is shown in the picture below, once selected we chose our desired correction and applied it on the video clip.

We have recently had Lenny Lenfesti in giving us tips to better our music video, he is a genius in after effects which means he is an expert in premier pro. He gave us many high valued tips, one in particular was the use of adjustment layers. Adjustment layers are used to create an effect of colour correction or whatever you please in the object of a bar. This is placed on top of parts of the video so that you don’t have to go through the same struggle of choosing this effect on each specific clip which is made much easier by just copy and pasting the existing adjustment layer and cutting it to the size of the clip you wish to change. This skill is significant to making our video conventional to it’s genre.

We had the opportunity to play around with the speed duration of clips in our video which means we can speed up, slow down or even reverse a clip. This came into hand in positions when the content in the clips were moving fast but the actual tempo of the song was slow which did not fit so to fit the genre conventions it would have to be slowed down. To apply this effect was simple, you have to right click on the clip which will come up with many bars, click on speed duration and the image below will appear.

One effect that I found most enjoyable to test out was the echo effect. It was difficult to find out how to do it as we had to search through YouTube tutorials that gave us the best insight in to how to do it. It ended up being reasonably simple to do, we just searched echo into the effects section, once it came up we dragged it onto the clip we wanted to apply the effect on. This effect was significant to creating a clip that suggests the actor feels out of control and disorientated after having been in the greenhouse for so long having been trapped.

Overall, I believe that Babul and I have come really far in terms of improving our technical ability on Premier Pro. With these added technical skills I believe our music video has improved vastly and there is still much to learn and improve on.

July 6

Music Video Draft 3

I’m really proud of this draft as it is such a step up from our last one draft which now we look back at as very poor in comparison. We have completely eradicated all continuity errors where there were pedestrians in the background and such like.

What we have changed:

  • Got rid of all shots with pedestrians in the back.
  • Added more stills.
  • New closeup and wide shot
  • Added wide shot.
  • Added pans and tracking shots.
  • In focus Mirror shot.
  • Low frame performance shot.
  • New over piano shot.
  • More emotion and acting into performance.
  • Added effects onto narrative clips.
  • Frame within frame shot through door.
  • Shot of strings in piano.
  • Leaving greenhouse shot.


  • Create a more vivid narrative- how I became trapped in the greenhouse.
  • Add some after effects.
  • Incorporate a new closeup and wide shot.
  • Have a pan up of my face.
  • A close up of Millie locking the door and a reaction shot of the male.


June 20

New Storyboards/ PMA

Babul and I have decided on redoing our performance shoot as we had far too little shots, we needed a new wide shot and closeup, also we had to explore different camera angles. Below is our Music Magazine Production Meeting agenda for our new shoot.

Below is our second Storyboard which illustrates all the shots we wish to take for our following shoot.

The importance of have a newer more advanced storyboard is that we have really taken into consideration how it will look through the camera and the importance of framing. Last time we skipped too many shots and did not consider follow up shots and reaction shots which lead to the poor quality of our shots from the first shoot. I feel that our following shoot will be greatly successful, and I hope we can get the appropriate shots.

June 19

Feedback From Teacher


Possible ideas:

  • Incorporate the Casette Tape more into the video.
  • Keep the man in the greenhouse.
  • Move the piano forward a bit so more of the stars face is shown and can get a different angle to the shot.
  • Create a montage with dead plants and still objects.
  • Show the inside of the piano.
  • Have the shots of him leaving the greenhouse towards the end
  • Give the pull focus of the plant more time.
  • Have closeups of the door, objects.
  • Have me shown through the doorway through the frame.
  • Film through the wheels of the bike.
  • More closeups.


  • Shots with the girl are good.
  • Creating a natural, free image.
  • Shots in greenhouse are good.
  • The idea of the tape is good.
  • The shots of the dead plants work.
  • The mirror shot is effective with having frames within frames.
  • The colour correcting is good and should be incorporated further.
  • The pedal shot looks good.
  • The track towards the greenhouse is great.


  • We have not stuck to the story line that we wanted to produce, diverted from the original pitch.
  • The bath and grey wall shots don’t make sense.
  • The shot walking in the garden with the house in the background, doesn’t make sense.
  • The back is only really shown when playing the piano.
  • The mirror shot is out of focus.
  • The thumbs should be out of the braces.
  • The wide shot does not make sense and is also out of focus.
  • The bath shot just doesn’t make sense.
  • The reverse tracking shot comes out of frame and needs to be re shot.
  • More convincing piano playing.
June 18

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative


  1. The performance in both narrative and performance, is kept at a high quality.
  2. The quality of the shots is generally very high.
  3. There is a large variety of shots.
  4. The beat of the song is emphasised by the editing and the majority of the shot changes are in time with the beat.



  1. Create a more vivid story between the two characters.
  2. Edit for effect. This was done in the editing of some shots but this was not kept up consistently.
  3. Learn to add effects to clips top create a sense of time to type of shot.
  4. Some of the shots are shaky and not balanced, this can be helped through the stabilising application.
  5. Continuity is not kept in this clip as there are people shown in the background.


May 28

Audience Ideologies

Below is the result of me and my partner Babul looking at the demographics of a person who we would be selling our music video to. It was interesting finding out the type of people that would be associated with this music. I felt this task was significant in the creation of our video. We found that the average listener of this music is a female from the age of 18-24. It also tells you the political views that they tend to have, which in this case is slightly left wing. It also lets you know of the professions that the audience are in and where they are from.  The second image also shows the type of entertainment they enjoy. This includes, favourite movies, TV shows, Music artists and celebrities.

I would like for my audience to have a preferred reading of my video, as I would like them to decode the symbolic meanings behind our video.


To conclude,  I was able to gather the knowledge of who we were selling our music video to, using the demographics, pyschographics, also Blumler & Katz uses and gratification.

Below we created a dating profile of the average person that would listen to ‘Bruises’. When creating this, we had to take into account the demographics that would effect this profile.


May 27

Production Skills Evaluation 1

The design skills I have acquired so far in the creation of our music video are:

  • The progression of using design skills in Premiere when editing the video.
  • Framing while filming. (What particular angles and distances connote specific ideas)
  • Organisational skills at the shoot and prior too it.
  • Keeping continuity in our shoot. (this occurred in our first draft where pedestrians were seen in the video which is a huge continuity error)
  • To always take too many shots as opposed to too little as we often found ourselves with not enough footage in premier pro.
  • Make sure that the shot are always in focus before filming (unless done on purpose)
  • I have learnt to edit to effect, having the shot cuts to the beat of the song and increasing the tempo to the speed of the song.

These skills have advanced my knowledge of making a music video.

Below is a screenshot of the workplace in which we are editing out video. In this screenshot you can see the variety of layers and different effects used on different clips.

I feel that a truly significant asset to our editing is the use of ‘Warp Stabiliser’. Once we had transferred our clips from the camera to the computer, we noticed that a few of the shots were unstable and shaky which is not at all ideal. To rectify this we in fact had to use Warp Stabiliser which stabilises the shots extremely well and has proven to be very valuable.

You then have to drag this on to the clip you wish to stabilise and watch the magic happen. This was truly valuable to keeping it as a conventional music video.

Furthermore, me and Babul found the colour correction side to the editing is also truly valuable. We noticed this especially when looking at the performance side of the video where we are trying to create this grungy, rough and dirty scene taking into account the genre conventions. We used this colour editing to also create a contrast between the shots of Millie with a brighter, autumnal sense to it, contrasting the dark and gloomy colour correction of the performance shoot. This was connoted greatly once we re watched it after using these effects and we have noticed the importance of it.