June 18

Shoot Reflection (Narrative)

I thought this Narrative Shoot was planned out really well prior to the actual shoot, this was done through discussing as a partnership, what type of shots we want and the story we are trying to portray. This was done through originally creating a storyboard from simply drawing out what we want to see in the frame. Our key idea prior to this shot was to make look Millie look high in the frame and generally have high angle shots to create the sense that Millie has the power in the story and that she is dominant. Although the plan seemed strong, we found that during the shoot we didn’t know how to actually frame these shots and depict what we wanted to create.

June 18

Performance Rough Cut- Draft 1


  1. The quality of the shots are good and none of them are out of focus unless on purpose.
  2. The acting from Millie is very good and she conveys the image of a free and attractive girl very well.
  3. We achieved the shots we wanted to shoot.


  1. Many of the shots are not in focus and this needs to be rectified.
  2. We did not edit the clips to the music effectively.
  3. There is not a clear story created in this video.
  4. We should have got additional shots.
June 18

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative


  1. The performance in both narrative and performance, is kept at a high quality.
  2. The quality of the shots is generally very high.
  3. There is a large variety of shots.
  4. The beat of the song is emphasised by the editing and the majority of the shot changes are in time with the beat.



  1. Create a more vivid story between the two characters.
  2. Edit for effect. This was done in the editing of some shots but this was not kept up consistently.
  3. Learn to add effects to clips top create a sense of time to type of shot.
  4. Some of the shots are shaky and not balanced, this can be helped through the stabilising application.
  5. Continuity is not kept in this clip as there are people shown in the background.


May 23

Narrative Development

This is mine and Babul’s narrative planning document. We used this to identify what story we wanted to create, and create a set structure from beginning to end. This structure means that we have a vivid image of where we want to start and how we want to evolve the story and end it. Through this planning we will have an ideal idea of how we are wanting to arrange the footage. For example, we don’t want to put footage that we think will be ideal at the end to go at the beginning as it won’t make sense.

May 23

Genre Conventions Analysis

This is mine and Babul’s voicethread over the google slide document of our Genre Conventions Analysis.

This task aided Babul and I in researching the conventions of the music video we wished to make. This really helped us gain an idea into our genre which is really significant when taking into account themes and conventions.

May 17

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This is our voice recording from the talk we had with Lenny Lenfesti, he gave us some great feedback and really helped me and Babul in creating a story. He thought we had a really good idea and the production of our music video had been well planned out.

What is good:

  • The fact that the two performers are in different locations.
  • The location for our shoot is good.


  • We need to establish the relationship between the two performers.
  • But the man low in the frame of a wide shot.
  • The possibility of showing the girl in a photo frame with the boy to convey this link.
  • Write down a clear storyboard of what we want to happen in the video.
  • Think of a way he can be reminded of her.
  • Do a flash back if possible.
  • Don’t out that they can come together.
  • If using flashbacks, delineate what is past and present, whether it be through colour or an effect.
  • There needs to be more of a story.
  • Have lots of closeups.
  • Have it run longer than you think you need.
  • Have a list of shots.
May 3

Production Meeting Agenda for Performance Shoot.

Making this document was crucial to the planning of our shoot, as we really got an idea of what we wanted to be worn by our performers and the small details like makeup. I feel that we could have done this in more detail but we already have a vivid idea of what we want the video to look like so we didn’t feel it was necessary to overdo this document with too much detail.