May 26

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Babul and I shot our Narrative shoot first in contrast to the vast majority of students who shot their performance first. We were able to compile a rough draft from these shots and felt some of the shots are of really high quality.

There were definitely some errors and mistakes made in the filming of this.

  • In some of the shots there were pedestrians in the background which takes focus away from the star, this is not conventional for a music video.
  • I also feel that we did not get enough shots altogether which meant when we got to making our first draft we were struggling to fill the whole time.
  • We did not have a well planned shot list.

In conclusion, the shot was reasonably successful, however, I feel that we will have to re-shoot for pickups and a greater range of shots.



May 23

Narrative Storyboard

This is the storyboard Babul and I made through Post-It notes. This task really tested out drawing skills, but it also helped us make up a brief idea of how the shots would look. Furthermore, a storyboard is not just about framing and composition, but it is also really important when creating a story and planning that story ahead. In the storyboard below me and Babul imagine what our story was going to be, prior to the actual drawing, so when we came to actually getting it down from pencil to post-it, we weren’t just doing it spontaneously but already knowing what we wanted to draw. Looking back on this task we did not put in as much of an effort as we should have. Storyboards help us, the producers in what shots we want to collect at our location shoot, this also aids the editor in post production. It was evident that we hadn’t done enough shots in our post it notes as when we came to actually doing the shoot, we had not got a clear enough image of what we were going to shoot.

May 23

Narrative Development

This is mine and Babul’s narrative planning document. We used this to identify what story we wanted to create, and create a set structure from beginning to end. This structure means that we have a vivid image of where we want to start and how we want to evolve the story and end it. Our narrative is an amplification of the song, this means that the video will be inspired by the lyrics but not completely echo it. Through this planning we will have an ideal idea of how we are wanting to arrange the footage. For example, we don’t want to put footage that we think will be ideal at the end to go at the beginning as it won’t make sense. We’ve concluded that it is paramount that we create contrast whether it be love and hate or life and death. It is important to also create a problem in which it may or may not be resolved, which may lead to the character learning something. This conflict makes a story come alive which is significant to the narrative. The equilibrium is disrupted from the shots of the male performer as he is in contrast to the positivity of the girl.

May 20

Performance Rough Cut- Draft 1


  1. The quality of the shots are good and none of them are out of focus unless on purpose.
  2. The acting from Millie is very good and she conveys the image of a free and attractive girl very well.
  3. We achieved the shots we wanted to shoot.


  1. Many of the shots are not in focus and this needs to be rectified.
  2. We did not edit the clips to the music effectively.
  3. There is not a clear story created in this video.
  4. We should have got additional shots.
May 19

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

This post reflects on how me and Babul did in our performance shoot. We found this shoot was really successful and after looking at the footage on the computer we have found that we’ve ended up with some really good footage.


  • We got a range of shot types (distances and angles).
  • The mise en scene applies for what we want.
  • We had a prepared shot list.


  • Some shots are out of focus.
  • Tracking shots are out of focus.
  • We should have experimented with different apparatus.

May 18

Star Image Planning

This task was important in delving further into the Artists life and music, also creating an image of the star. The meta narrative is a mix of media that shapes how the audience thinks of the artist. We’ve done this through taking screenshots of his twitter which illustrated how he is an out going friendly person, we also noticed how he refers a lot to problems that are relatable to the general public. The meta narrative of what we have created is of a smart look in terms of mise en scene which we have focused a lot on, with the inclusion of the white shirt, braces, etc.

May 4

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This is our voice recording from the talk we had with Lenny Lenfesti, he gave us some great feedback and really helped me and Babul in creating a story. He thought we had a really good idea and the production of our music video had been well planned out.

What is good:

  • The fact that the two performers are in different locations.
  • The location for our shoot is good.


  • We need to establish the relationship between the two performers.
  • But the man low in the frame of a wide shot.
  • The possibility of showing the girl in a photo frame with the boy to convey this link.
  • Write down a clear storyboard of what we want to happen in the video.
  • Think of a way he can be reminded of her.
  • Do a flash back if possible.
  • Don’t out that they can come together.
  • If using flashbacks, delineate what is past and present, whether it be through colour or an effect.
  • There needs to be more of a story.
  • Have lots of closeups.
  • Have it run longer than you think you need.
  • Have a list of shots.