February 8


These are the two adverts I have chosen to be in my music magazine. I have chosen both of them in connection with music, being headphones and speakers. The advert of Beats headphones have a much more direct link with Hip Hop as they were created by Dr Dre who is a Hip Hop legend, seeing as the genre of my magazine is Hip Hop, there is a very good connection between the two. It is also very closely linked to my magazine because of the name of the product being almost the exact same as the name of my magazine, however there is a difference of ‘s’ and ‘z’. Lastly, the colour scheme of the beats advert is the exact same as my front page which is red, black and white. Red is the most common occurring colour in my magazine, so it works extremely well visually having the advert and magazine of similar colours.

February 8

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

In evaluation of this feedback from my teacher.

Technical Production Skills:

  • There are only 3 images so far, there must be more than 3, so it is very important that I add another one.
  • Main star on the front cover needs to be feathered in photoshop as the edges are too rough.
  • Main cover line layout needs to be changed, this will make it clearer and more interesting as a page.

Magazine Conventions:

  • The contents page should include the colour yellow to match the yellow on the hat of the star.
  • On the front cover or contents page there should be a caption from my female star.

In terms of level of skill:

Looks like a magazine: In between level 4 and 3

Mise en scene in the photos communicate genre:  In between level 4 and 3

Layout and Page design is engaging: Level 3

February 8

Penultimate Drafts

This is the penultimate draft of my front cover from my music magazine. I have made some vast changes to this page since my last draft, shown in the blog. One of the most important changes was going back into Photoshop and once again cutting out my model. I did this so that the edges were smoother and that the page looked more professional. Another change that I made which is probably the most noticeable is that I have made the model and the background black and white, I did this so that the red text and animation is much much more in contrast so that it stands out more. Due to the change in colour of the model and background to black and white, I changed the colour of the text accordingly. This is by far my personal favourite of the magazine, and I believe I am very near to it being finished.

My contents page since the start of this project has been my least favourite page as I felt it hasn’t really come together as something that looks like a professional magazine. This penultimate draft is still very similar to the previous draft, I have only organised it differently. There is still much I would like to add to this page over the coming days to get it to the stage I feel it is suitable.

My Double page spread has been very successful since the start of making my music magazine, however, there have still been major adjustments that I’ve had to make in the duration of this project.  Like my contents page this penultimate draft is very much like my second draft, the only real change I have made is the positioning of paragraphs and grammatical changes. I am really pleased with this page, however I wish to add an image to the article side to make that page more interesting.

February 7

Risk Assessment

Above is the risk assessment sheet that was filled out by myself and peers included in the upcoming photoshoot to outline the risks that we must prevent during the time of our photoshoot. It is key to do this so that there is a smaller chance of getting hurt.

February 7

Draft 4- Feedback and Targets

I received feedback through a video from my teacher Mr Gregson. I felt this feedback was the most important feedback I have received so far during the making of my Music Magazine as it is coming from a much more advanced knowledge of Media than I have got previously from peers. This link below shows the video feedback that I received.


The Feedback I got on my Front Page is as following:

  • On the left hand side of the page, instead of using the rectangular tool and filling it in, I mistakenly used text and then highlighted it with the colour black, which would essentially serve the same purpose. This did not prove to be true as it just made the text just about legible which looked extremely unprofessional.
  • The colour scheme of the page is very well done as it keeps a consistent red, white and black theme.
  • The image of the main cover star is too small and should be enlarged, her head should slightly go over the masthead.
  • The text on the right hand side of the page is good however the overall layout needs more development, lines could be used in between the text like the opposite side.
  • The masthead is overall very positive. The use of the letters overlapping looks very good.


January 15

Feedback on Article

This is the peer voice memo, reading aloud my article 1st draft to me on my double paged spread.

I was given effective feedback from my peer, which included:

  • Quotes were effective and were used in the correct way to interest the reader.
  • The repetition of the artists name is not necessary, therefore use the artists performance name firstly, and in the formal article use his formal, actual name.
  • There is a good use of names and dates as it legitimizes the article and information
  • Swear words should be uncensored due to the type of magazine it us, being aggressive and rebellious.
January 11

Masthead Designs

These are the drafts I created when trying to find the font that is suitable for my Masthead. I thought about what these font styles would covey, and how they would represent the genre of Hip Hop. I then experimented with colours, I only chose two colours, red and black as they match the colour scheme of my magazine. I chose the bottom design as I  believe it is the most bold and portrays Hip Hop the best.

January 10

Article Idea Development

It is important to have an idea of who you are protecting your article too, and what they are going to want to read. It is imperative to hook the audience as soon as possible as you have a very small window of their interest.

The audience that I am aiming to entice are Hip Hop fans, this is because my magazines genre is Hip Hop. After looking at the demographics on YouGov, I am aware that the general age of fans of Hip Hop are between 16 and 24 males, so I know that I am projecting my magazine to a young group of people, this will effect the way I construct article and the topics that I will include. For examples I won’t want to mention politics or uninteresting topics for people of a relative young age.

There is a lot of news surrounding the recent movie Straight Outta Compton, which is a movie based on the Hip Hop group NWA, which I believe will be a good topic to bring up in the article, it will work as a good hook to interest my audience.

We had Rosie Allsope in from the Guernsey Press who is a features editor and has many jobs that include checking articles being published to see if they are appropriate to publish. She gave some really insightful knowledge into the life of writing articles, some of her key information was to add an exciting quote in the early lines of the article, which will hook the reader, this extremely important due to the very short window of time that you have to interest the reader. I aim to start my magazine in a few short lines summarising the story without giving away too much but giving a short, important part of the story so they have to read the rest of the article to find out what happened. Rosie gave a lot of helpful advice into how to start your article.

January 10

Language Analysis

The double page spread of a music magazine that I have read and chose to analyse is Q’s magazine of James Lavelle, from September 1st, 2017, the author being Dorian Lynskey. I chose this article because I love the way it is written and I aim to write my article in a similar style. The article is structured as an interview, with there being a journalist  talking to Lavelle. I am aware of the presence of the journalist as Dorian sets the scene briefly when talking to Lavelle. He does this when saying, ‘he says over cartons of Korean food in his manager’s office in Camden’, I think this portrays a more friendly environment in which the interview is taking place, as it is taking place in his managers office. I think that this relation to the mess in the room also connotes the fact that Lavelle is in a mess of his own which may be the reason for this mess. The journalist’s presence is also conveyed through the description of Lavelle’s speech. This is evident when Lynskey writes ‘he says wistfully’, this tells us he is in the presence of Lavelle, furthermore hanging off his every word.

This article has been written in the aim of grabbing the attention of the audience as soon as possible, this is connoted through quotes of Lavelle which will appeal to the audience and entice them. The first quotation is ‘”a fucking amazing night”‘, this is an effective quotation to entice the reader on the basic fact that Lavelle swears in this instance which is exciting for the audience to have a celebrity swear in public. This also portrays the environment of the interview as a relaxed one due Lavelle’s allowance to swear, this tells the reader that it is an exclusive interview, in which this celebrity will reveal a lot. This is also depicted earlier where Lynskey writes, ‘an Everest of cocaine’. This immediately creates intrigue, as the idea of celebrities in the presence of drugs seems exciting. This, like previously, makes the audience seem special in knowing such celebrity gossip which will entice them and want to read on. The metaphor used of the pile of cocaine being as big as a mountain, which will shock the readers, although not being true this hyperbole makes it out that he does this on a regular basis. The use of celebrity names at the start of this article is also effective in gaining a wider audience as being a fan of one of these stars entices them to read the article.

In conclusion, it is evident that the journalist wants to depict Lavelle as rebellious through quotations of him swearing and association to drugs, but also as a relatable guy. He has done this by quoting Lavelle’s hardships which make us sympathise for him, making us like the character more so.