January 10

Draft 3- The Double Page Spread

This the first draft of my double page spread. This was the last draft that we did as it proved the most challenging, like the other drafts we had to include an image and a masthead which suits the genre of our choice. The difference in this task is that we had to take into account there being an article on one of the pages, which meant we had to create text boxes and apply place holder text. In our upcoming tasks we will be writing our own article which will be set in the same format as the place holder text. I feel that this first draft of the double page spread has been a success and on the whole it looks good, however there are most definitely tweaks that are going to have to be made in the future before it is my final draft.

I got one of my fellow peers to take a look at my Double Page Spread and evaluate what they thought was good and what could be improved.

Positive Feedback:

  • The colours are effective in the image to create a dark atmosphere in the photo, however the red is kept consistent in the colour scheme, and contrasts the dark colours to stand out.
  • The image used is very good, it uses leading lines effectively.

Constructive Criticism:

  • The article side is too boring.
  • Thre should be a drop shadow on the ‘B’.
  • Text in the article should have capital letters at the start of each paragraph.


  • I will change the masthead design, this is because I feel that it doesn’t demonstrate the genre Hip Hop, I also don’t think that it works effectively with the pages.
  • I’m going to put a drop shadow on the ‘B’.
  • Once I have imported my article into the page I will make changes to the way in which it is presented, this will include having capital letters at the start of each paragraph.

In my own evaluation I feel that this was a decent first draft of my double page spread. The comments made my peer I feel are very constructive and will really aid me in progressing my magazine.

A New Improved Double Page Spread

This the product of my new improved double page spread. I have made some big changes to it since my last draft. Firstly, I included a quote on the page of image, which I feel make the page much more interesting, this quote is also an exciting one as it possesses the qualities of Hip Hop which are rebellion and fight against the government. I also changed the masthead completely by making the fight between Hip Hop and the Police as visible as possible. I included a drop shadow just as i said i would in my targets.

January 10

2nd Shoot Contact Sheet

This is a contact sheet of the best photos from my second photo shoot at castle cornet. I tried to get as much range as possible in the 20 pictures shown, these include high and low key lighting, the use of the environment and different ranges of distance in photos. I really enjoyed finding interesting locations to put my model in, for example, at castle cornet there are great bunkers and tunnels which provide great lighting for photos. I also had great success when shooting at the lighthouse as it gave beautiful scenery of the sea behind. I thought that the shots that included leading lines were really successful and worked out really well. I also enjoyed the shots that were done on the pier by the lighthouse, they had a great scenic background which made a great frame.

January 10

Production Meeting Agenda for 2nd Photo Shoot

I thought that the Meeting Agenda concerning the photoshoot went extremely well. I discussed the aims and targets that I had with my model and photographer assistant. Babul and Olivia had a lot of insightful ideas towards what would make a good picture in my music magazine. We discussed the genre of my Music Magazine and how that genre would be portrayed in a picture. Babul and I discussed the type of clothes we owned that he could wear to convey his look of Hip Hop. We searched on the internet what was being worn by current hip hop artists from the UK and America, we tried to copy their image as well as possible.

January 4

Draft 2- The Contents Page

Just like the first draft of my front cover I had one of my peers evaluate this contents page draft. I was given feedback of what worked well and constructive criticism.

Positive feedback:

  • The colours kept consistent, and the colours used are bold, catching the eye of consumers.
  • The head bar works well to keep the page tidy and match the red colour scheme. However it doesn’t match the colour of the coat in the image of the main cover star which needs to be changed.

Constructive Criticism:

  • The word ‘Features’ should be positioned more to the right so it is aligned with the contents shown. This just make sense in terms of the tidiness and look of the page.
  • The text ‘MACY J’ should be larger as it is not seen easily seen, which it should be as it is the name of the artist.
  • The image should be larger to take up more space of the page, leaving less empty spaces.
  • Camouflage should be incorporated into the page to match the hat.

I am going to do exactly what the Criticism highlights. So my targets are as following:

  • I am going to move the word ‘features’ more to the right so it is in line with the text on the right of the passage, I think that I will also have the colour of the ‘f’ as red and the rest of the words has black so it matches the text below it.
  • I will enlarge the text ‘Macy J’ so that it stands out more on the page, although I do like the text style I’m going to have to give it a bolder text style, so that it is highlighted more on the page.
  • Just like the front cover I’m going to enlarge the image, this will eliminate emptiness on the page.
  • Im going to add camouflage corners to the page that matches the hat, not only will this work in terms of making the page look better to look at but it will also add tidiness to the page, making it structurally better
  • I am going to change the colour of the red bar at the top of the page to a different shade of red, this so it matches the colour of the coat.

I feel that this contents page was also very successful in terms of grabbing the attention of the consumer of the magazine. However, there is also a lot of work to be done to it, making it better to look at, and utilizing the image on the page.

A New Improved Contents Page

This is my new and improved contents page. I have assessed the targets that I have previously set out in the post of my first draft, which were, increase the size of the main cover star, move the text ‘FEATURES’ to right so it is in line with the rest of the text, increase the size of the text in the bottom left hand corner and change the colour of the top bar so it matches the red coat. Firstly, I increased the size of the main cover star which proved to be a great move in terms of the visual aspect. I then increased the size of the text in the bottom left hand corner of the page, which also led me to experiment with the colours and how they would work with the background colours. I ended up changing the colour of the ‘J’ to white which worked well in contrasting with the red jacket. Lastly I moved the text ‘FEATURES’ to the right so it aligned with the text below it, this also led to me changing the colour of the first letter to red so that it matched the text below it. I thought that this was a very positive move to my magazine as visually the magazine has improved a lot. In conclusion, the overall page has improved vastly and is now much closer to becoming my final draft.

December 1

Draft 1- The Front Page


Feedback & Reflection on Draft 1:

The positive feedback I got from my peer when showing her the draft above is as follows:

  • The Colour Scheme is good, the colours are bold and are consistent throughout.
  • The fonts used are appropriate to the magazine and what is trying to be conveyed, the font size is also great.

The criticism I received is as follows:

  • The page is too empty and there are too many white, left out spaces.
  • I should make the main cover star bigger, which will correct the 1st piece of criticism.
  • The text on the right hand side of the page should be larger.

After evaluating this feedback I completely agree with what she has said, and wish to make changes to it before I give it in as a final draft. I have made 5 targets that I wish to apply to this front cover.

  • Increase the size of the main cover star on the page. Doing this will eliminate the factor of the page being too empty. It will also make the page more appealing to the consumer of the magazine as it is  more visually pleasing to have a large image than a small one.
  • I wish to increase the size of the text on the right of the page to also fill the page a bit more. I feel that this is extremely important because the text contains names of famous artists which will attract a wider audience once they see a name of their favourite Artist.
  • I also wish to put borders under each artist name on the right to match the opposite side. I think this will look good and fill the page more.
  • Another target is to improve my photoshopping skills, the image on the front cover looks tacky and rigid, I need to spend more time editing it to make it look smoother.
  • I also think that I’m going to put a border round the edge of the page too make it look more neat and finished.

I have a lot of work to put in but I feel that I have been successful in creating a first draft of my front cover.

A New Improved Front Page.

This is the second draft of my front cover. After taking into account what needed to be changed, from criticism of my peers and my own, I set 5 targets to change. I increased the size of the image which was the most highlighted issue of the first draft. After doing this, my page looked much better and made it look a lot less empty. Next, I increased the text size of the text on the right hand side of the page as well as putting in filled in rectangles under each artist name to match the opposite side. These were the main two changes I made to the front page which I believe has improved my front page vastly. I also made a few tweaks to things like individual letters or moving text.

November 21

First Shoot Contact Sheets


This is the contact sheet from the photos of my first photo shoot. I have deleted a lot of my photos as there seemed to be a lot that were either blurry or the model did not look right. The reason I think they were blurry because it’s very hard to keep my hand completely still, to correct this next time I would want to use a tripod so the photos aren’t blurry.  In the coming days I will be looking closer at the photos to see which ones I’ll be using in my magazine. After looking at the photos I came to the realisation that I should’ve taken much more care in the actual taking of the photos, however, the final product I believe has been a success.

November 17

Early Mock Ups

Front cover

Double Page Spread                                         Contents page

In this task I created a mock-up of my magazine ‘Beatz’. I felt this tasked helped to gain a stronger understanding of what I want my magazine to look like. I used 2 A4 pages for the front cover and the content page, and I used an A3 piece of  paper to make my double page spread. I kept the design very simple by just using post-it notes and a pencil to illustrate an image or write on the post-it. I used my newly acquired knowledge to label elements of a magazine, these include, Mastheads, Plugs, Coverlines and many more. I used Pinterest to gain inspiration for my mock-up, I mostly looked at magazines that were from the Hip Hop world as this is the genre that I am using in my magazine.

The four key elements to having a successful magazine, gaining attention, interesting the viewer, fulfilling their desire and taking action. I feel that this has been the most significant task so far in terms of gaining knowledge for my magazine. I wish to match this mock-up magazine as closely as possible with the photos from the photo shoot and my text added to it, this is a conventional way of creating a magazine, in accordance to a professional magazine designer.

November 14

Production Meeting Agenda for 1st Photo Shoot

I had a meeting with my model to discuss what I would like them to wear during the shoot and that kind of image I’m trying to portray for my magazine, ‘Beatz’. I was very specific with the kind of accessories I want my model to wear which consists of rings and necklaces, with a general theme of bling. I will be having Lucy Batiste to apply the make up on Macy, I would like her to have pink eye shadow and pink lipstick. I am basing this look on the hip hop female sensation, Nicki Minaj, who has the general colour scheme of pink. We discussed that I would like her to have a big speaker to either sit on or hold up. This is where hip hop differs greatly to pop which tends to have a microphone. The purpose of this task is to really get a vivid idea of what I want to get out of the photo shoot, which is done best by talking to the model face to face. When talking to my model we went into detail about the kind of facial expression I want her to convey, to create as much of a personality as possible.

November 10

Communicating my magazine brand.

My Hip Hop Board

Using Pinterest I created a mood board of images that represented Hip Hop as a genre. I took into account what I wanted to have on my magazine cover ‘Beatz’, which had things in common with other magazines, quotes and colour pallets. I focused a lot around the older Hip Hop stars such as, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls who elevated Hip Hop to one of the biggest music genres today.

I then moved on to focus on the colours I wish to use in my magazine ‘beatz’. I focused on the colours that regularly occur in Hip Hop magazines, which are, white, black and gold. These colours connote wealth, but also an old fashioned image.

November 9

Star Image

In this assessment we took a music artist and assessed their media, seeing what they are trying to portray to their fans. The second slide shows a mix of media from, Twitter, Instagram and Magazines. The artist I was studying is the Hip-Hop Artist Drake.  I analysed the fact that many of his Instagram posts were of his fans, which illustrated his appreciation of them which creates a positive image of him. I also noticed that he posted a lot on having a go at journalists which gives the impression he is rebellious which works well with the hip-hop genre as it is generally rebellious.

The second slide is a collection of mise-en-scene for  my star which includes clothes, makeup, accessories and colour scheme. I also included different camera angles, which I will take into account when being the photographer in my shoot. The general theme I am trying to accomplish is flashy, mostly being pink, expensive clothing. I think that the key to accomplishing hip hop as an image is showing off money which is essentially the most important part.