July 13

Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft 4 which we are extremely proud of. We have updated it and played around with it to a point where we are very pleased with what we are seeing. What we have changed is:

  • Added colour correction.
  • Added narrative.
  • A new close up and wide shot.
  • New reverse track.
  • Title at start of song.
  • Throwing cassette shot.
  • Locking door shot
  • Reaction shot
  • Pan up
  • Added slow motion on shot of Millie.
  • Above piano shot
  • Change of shot order.

After this feedback from our peers, we have come to the conclusion that our targets are:

  • The performance in the new wide shot is a bit weak as he looks unsure in what he’s saying.
  • Shot changes should be on time to beat.


July 6

Music Video Draft 3

I’m really proud of this draft as it is such a step up from our last one draft which now we look back at as very poor in comparison. We have completely eradicated all continuity errors where there were pedestrians in the background and such like.

What we have changed:

  • Got rid of all shots with pedestrians in the back.
  • Added more stills.
  • New closeup and wide shot
  • Added wide shot.
  • Added pans and tracking shots.
  • In focus Mirror shot.
  • Low frame performance shot.
  • New over piano shot.
  • More emotion and acting into performance.
  • Added effects onto narrative clips.
  • Frame within frame shot through door.
  • Shot of strings in piano.
  • Leaving greenhouse shot.


  • Create a more vivid narrative- how I became trapped in the greenhouse.
  • Add some after effects.
  • Incorporate a new closeup and wide shot.
  • Have a pan up of my face.
  • A close up of Millie locking the door and a reaction shot of the male.


June 20

New Storyboards/ PMA

Babul and I have decided on redoing our performance shoot as we had far too little shots, we needed a new wide shot and closeup, also we had to explore different camera angles. Below is our Music Magazine Production Meeting agenda for our new shoot.

Below is our second Storyboard which illustrates all the shots we wish to take for our following shoot.

The importance of have a newer more advanced storyboard is that we have really taken into consideration how it will look through the camera and the importance of framing. Last time we skipped too many shots and did not consider follow up shots and reaction shots which lead to the poor quality of our shots from the first shoot. I feel that our following shoot will be greatly successful, and I hope we can get the appropriate shots.

June 19

Feedback From Teacher


Possible ideas:

  • Incorporate the Casette Tape more into the video.
  • Keep the man in the greenhouse.
  • Move the piano forward a bit so more of the stars face is shown and can get a different angle to the shot.
  • Create a montage with dead plants and still objects.
  • Show the inside of the piano.
  • Have the shots of him leaving the greenhouse towards the end
  • Give the pull focus of the plant more time.
  • Have closeups of the door, objects.
  • Have me shown through the doorway through the frame.
  • Film through the wheels of the bike.
  • More closeups.


  • Shots with the girl are good.
  • Creating a natural, free image.
  • Shots in greenhouse are good.
  • The idea of the tape is good.
  • The shots of the dead plants work.
  • The mirror shot is effective with having frames within frames.
  • The colour correcting is good and should be incorporated further.
  • The pedal shot looks good.
  • The track towards the greenhouse is great.


  • We have not stuck to the story line that we wanted to produce, diverted from the original pitch.
  • The bath and grey wall shots don’t make sense.
  • The shot walking in the garden with the house in the background, doesn’t make sense.
  • The back is only really shown when playing the piano.
  • The mirror shot is out of focus.
  • The thumbs should be out of the braces.
  • The wide shot does not make sense and is also out of focus.
  • The bath shot just doesn’t make sense.
  • The reverse tracking shot comes out of frame and needs to be re shot.
  • More convincing piano playing.
June 18

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative


  1. The performance in both narrative and performance, is kept at a high quality.
  2. The quality of the shots is generally very high.
  3. There is a large variety of shots.
  4. The beat of the song is emphasised by the editing and the majority of the shot changes are in time with the beat.



  1. Create a more vivid story between the two characters.
  2. Edit for effect. This was done in the editing of some shots but this was not kept up consistently.
  3. Learn to add effects to clips top create a sense of time to type of shot.
  4. Some of the shots are shaky and not balanced, this can be helped through the stabilising application.
  5. Continuity is not kept in this clip as there are people shown in the background.


May 28

Audience Ideologies

Below is the result of me and my partner Babul looking at the demographics of a person who we would be selling our music video to. It was interesting finding out the type of people that would be associated with this music. I felt this task was significant in the creation of our video. We found that the average listener of this music is a female from the age of 18-24. It also tells you the political views that they tend to have, which in this case is slightly left wing. It also lets you know of the professions that the audience are in and where they are from.  The second image also shows the type of entertainment they enjoy. This includes, favourite movies, TV shows, Music artists and celebrities.

I would like for my audience to have a preferred reading of my video, as I would like them to decode the symbolic meanings behind our video.


To conclude,  I was able to gather the knowledge of who we were selling our music video to, using the demographics, pyschographics, also Blumler & Katz uses and gratification.

Below we created a dating profile of the average person that would listen to ‘Bruises’. When creating this, we had to take into account the demographics that would effect this profile.


May 26

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Babul and I shot our Narrative shoot first in contrast to the vast majority of students who shot their performance first. We were able to compile a rough draft from these shots and felt some of the shots are of really high quality.

There were definitely some errors and mistakes made in the filming of this.

  • In some of the shots there were pedestrians in the background which takes focus away from the star, this is not conventional for a music video.
  • I also feel that we did not get enough shots altogether which meant when we got to making our first draft we were struggling to fill the whole time.
  • We did not have a well planned shot list.

In conclusion, the shot was reasonably successful, however, I feel that we will have to re-shoot for pickups and a greater range of shots.



May 23

Narrative Storyboard

This is the storyboard Babul and I made through Post-It notes. This task really tested out drawing skills, but it also helped us make up a brief idea of how the shots would look. Furthermore, a storyboard is not just about framing and composition, but it is also really important when creating a story and planning that story ahead. In the storyboard below me and Babul imagine what our story was going to be, prior to the actual drawing, so when we came to actually getting it down from pencil to post-it, we weren’t just doing it spontaneously but already knowing what we wanted to draw. Looking back on this task we did not put in as much of an effort as we should have. Storyboards help us, the producers in what shots we want to collect at our location shoot, this also aids the editor in post production. It was evident that we hadn’t done enough shots in our post it notes as when we came to actually doing the shoot, we had not got a clear enough image of what we were going to shoot.