November 10

Web Page Draft One and Final Draft With What Has Changed.

This is the first draft of our Web Page:



Based on the feedback that we received from our teacher these are our targets we have compiled together :

  • Create some news articles
  • Insert our mission statement in our bio
  • Delete unnecessary links and social media icons
  • Include some different shots that we’ve taken
  • Hype our album and music video more, also including the digipak for hyping up the album

Following the feedback we received, we have made a series of adjustments. Here is the updated version:

The steps we took towards improving our Web Page are as following :

  • Implemented our digipak more thoroughly on our website.
  • Included a gallery of our artist, which gives more inside on his life.
  • Included many more different images as part of the gallery.
  • Included a news page with some headlines.
  • Implemented our mission statement as part of the ‘about’/bio section of the artist.

Overall, with the feedback given we were pleased with the outcome of our website.

November 7

Website Previous Students Work

This is the second task on the way to making our own website. I have taken a look at multiple previous students’ work and looked at the technical conventions used, this is in an attempt to aid the creation of my website to make it it to the highest possible quality.


I will analyse and answer five success criteria.

1)How accessible is the website?

When trying to find the website online I struggled massively, I couldn’t access it at all as there were just facebook profiles and videos coming up.

2) How easy is it to navigate?

It is easy to navigate round the site through clicking on the bars at the top or by just scrolling down the page, the transitions are smooth and are no problem. However, I found that when I had already gone down the page by either clicking on a bar at the top or scrolling down there was no longer the option to click on the navigation bars, although you could still find your way down the chronological feed it meant that you couldn’t go to your desired information instantly. This was the only problem that hindered the page’s navigation.

3) What information were you able to find out about the star?

The information that I was able to find out about the star was very limited, there was no information about the artist. The closest there was to information about him was the incorporated tweets that gave a slight idea of what he thought about some topics. One of these was that he likes pizza, another is he is hard working and lastly is that he is against piracy, this is very weak information and gives us a very little insight into the life of this star.

4) How did the branding of the website communicate a consistent brand image as portrayed in the music video and digipak?

The website communicated a very pakistani culture, this was hugely reinforced by the music video that represented a pakistani ceremony. Although I thought the music video was poorly executed, the whole media, design, video and digipak all kept to this yellow colour scheme which was a positive that I took away from the website. I feel that it represented Pakistan culture really well and kept this theme consistent.

5) How does the website fulfil the audiences’ uses and gratification? (Blumler and Katz) 

The website does fill the audiences uses and gratifications as it provides tour dates, merchandise and mostly everything a website should have, however, it seriously lacks information regarding the life of the artist.

The site allows fans to show that they have a personal identity of being a fan of the artist by selling T-shirts and hats on the merchandise area of the site, and it features links to the social media accounts for the band as well as featured tweets which allows fans to interact with the band. The site also aims to entertain with the latest music video being embedded into the site.

November 6

Web Page Conventions

In preparation of creating our own website Babul and I analysed a professional website of the artist. We chose her in particular because she matches our genre of indie pop, also through doing some research on youtube her music videos are very similar in terms of tempo and themes. AIDA (attraction, interest, desire and action) is a key concept to factor in when creating a website, and it is important that this is consistently maintained whilst doing so. We also made it a necessary to use Blumler and Katz ‘Uses and Gratifications’ (for example information or personal identity), which must be consistently embedded through our website. This would ensure that our target audience will go and visit our website consistently, and support the artists brand image as a whole.