November 9

Evaluation of Web Design Application

It has certainly been a very exciting couple weeks learning new technical skills and exploring what makes our website successful. I thought using Wix made the whole learning process much easier, it walks you through everything at the very beginning of creating an account, this meant that you already had developed a basic knowledge of the site before you had even started creating a template. Wix provides a vast amount of templates at your disposal, Babul and I spent a while searching through these templates to find one that would prove to be the most conventional as well as being easy to navigate round.

This was the first important feature of the site I had to get to grips with. This is called the navigation bar, here I was able to do many things such as, create a new page, add music or a merchandise store, it all came from inside this side bar. At first, it seemed difficult to utilise this bar because there were so many options to choose from, once I practised using it I learnt where key features could be found and it felt easy.

I found linking website hyperlinks to images, videos and logos were really effective in making the website professional and fluid in terms of navigation. For example, this tool meant that you could click on the twitter logo and it would take you to the twitter page of the artist. These links and skills mean that there’s a more professional image that is being conveyed of our artist, furthering the star image of our star. These links are important for the audience as they take them to more sites of merchandise or tickets where they can spend more time and money regarding the star.

October 13

Production Skills

During the process of creating our Digipak, there were skills that Babul and I really had to learn and adapt to. Most of this was done in Photoshop where we edited and manipulated the photos we had taken, this was done to not just make the image easier on the eyes, but also to fit the mood and genre that we were trying to connote. Firstly, for the front and back covers of the digipak we applied a filter on the image to create a darker and more rough feel to it, this was done through a black and white gradient map. In addition to this we applied a gradient fill as well as an exposure layer to give the image more exposure, this create the sense that the model was isolated which is a key theme to our digipak.

It was definitely extremely helpful having the template for a digipak already implemented on the page so we didn’t have to create the layout ourselves, which kept the design conventional to a digipak design. An accessory to this is having spines on the page, this was a small but very key part to our design, as the spine is seen first when being searched for in a shop. This meant that we had to be very thoughtful of what text style and size we would have showing the artists name and album name.

October 3

Feedback on Mock-up and Targets

Having completed our digipak mock-up, we took the product to our peers and friends to see whether our mock-up was conventional to it’s genre and whether we had done a good job of making it how we intended for it to look. We made two lists, one of music genres and another of a range of adjectives. We then showed these people our digipak mock-up and had them tick the genre they thought best fitted the digipak, following this they were then instructed to tick the adjectives that felt appropriate to describe the digipak, they were allowed to tick more than one adjective due to the fact that more than one adjective applied to the digipak.

Below are the results:

In terms of the genre, 4 out of the 11 people chose indie pop which was our chosen genre. Although this number is not convincing it was the most chosen genre out of all of them which lets us know we are on the right track. The genres, classic rock and indie rock were chosen 5 times between them which is valuable in letting us know that our digipak is giving off a rock vibe which needs to be altered. In my opinion I don’t understand how it could be rock as it doesn’t share any conventional features with the genre, the only possibility that it could look anything like a rock digipak is the fact that there is a general dark them but this is also shared with the genre of indie, especially concerning the emotions I wanted to evoke.

I feel that the list of adjectives were utilised much better and had a lot more successful outcome. The reoccurring words were, loss, loving, sad and intense, which were ultimately our goal and the moods and emotions we wanted to create.  We purposefully used darkness and roughness to connote a very intense image that would portray the heartbreak and loss of the music, so having our peers choose these adjectives correctly provides confidence to us that we are on the right track.

The targets for improvement are:

  • Make a more clear pop image to take it away from rock.
  • Add some more colour maybe on the inside panels.
September 17

Our Mission Statement

It is important to take into account key marketing strategies, how to sell your product? Who you’re selling to? Why your product is unique?

  • We took into account who we are selling our video to through YouGov, although our actual song was not available to search, we did some basic research on YouGov, we searched other indie pop artists who tended to have similar audiences and demographics. The demographics were: a female, 18 to 24 years old, left wing political views and reasonably low monthly spare money. From this we interpreted that because they were young we had to make sure our artist had to be ‘down with the kids’ and share the same problems and feelings as they would. The potential audience enjoy family shared movies and series such as Wreck it Ralph and Friends. As well as using YouGov, we also used our artists twitter which seemed to match this relatable persona.
  • Having discussed that our audience is at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of age, as well as using a bit of research online and being a part of that age group we know that vinyl records are becoming popular once again which makes us believe that it is important for our artist to sell his music through vinyls as it will appeal to our target audience and make it unique in the modern era. There is no doubt that his music will be able to be purchased online also, it is a necessity in this generation for music to be downloaded but I do believe selling the music as Vinyls is a great idea.
  • There is no doubt that there are similar artists who pose as competition to our artist, such as, Birdy, Bon Iver and Ben Howard, all successful artists. The real question is, why is our artist different? Not only does our artists name not begin with a B but our artist gives a real close up look of his life and a relatable relevance to the audience who don’t feel as friendly with any other artists.
  • Fin Wolfhard is a new up and comer in the industry, he’s had one hit single but is looking to stay at the top. This freshness gives him an advantage as he has a first impression which can be whatever he wants it to be. As stated before the star image is this down to earth, relatable guy that is just in it for the music, not for the fame. It is important that his feet are kept firmly on the ground and remembers where he came from, he is just representing the ordinary people.

This is the Mission Statement for Finn Wolfhard.

Finn, so talented they had to give him two N’s. He cuts through the charts like a finn through water. Eccentric, exciting, energetic, 3 words that give him justice. He’s down to earth and has a universal appeal, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground but still able to fly. Inclusive of his audience and inspired by love. You’ve never seen an indie artist this fun.

July 10

Production Skills Evaluation 2

In my last Production Skills Evaluation post I touched on the production skills I had learnt up to that point which tended to be reasonably basic skills due to the fact that we had only really just started making our music video. However, prior to my last post I have furthered my knowledge and advanced my skills.

Firstly, one of the most used and significant skills that we acquired is the colour correction effect. This effect is implemented to change the colour of the picture and give the image a different feeling, for example making it look more vibrant or colder. We were able to convey themes and ideas, such as, using an orange/ light red colour will enforce an autumnal feeling to the video. We regularly used the same colour correction on different clips due to the fact that we wanted to create the same feeling throughout our video. The colour tended to change between the two characters as they were both in different states of happiness/freedom and sadness/imprisonment.  We were able to do this by clicking on the lumetri color tab which is shown in the picture below, once selected we chose our desired correction and applied it on the video clip.

We have recently had Lenny Lenfesti in giving us tips to better our music video, he is a genius in after effects which means he is an expert in premier pro. He gave us many high valued tips, one in particular was the use of adjustment layers. Adjustment layers are used to create an effect of colour correction or whatever you please in the object of a bar. This is placed on top of parts of the video so that you don’t have to go through the same struggle of choosing this effect on each specific clip which is made much easier by just copy and pasting the existing adjustment layer and cutting it to the size of the clip you wish to change. This skill is significant to making our video conventional to it’s genre.

We had the opportunity to play around with the speed duration of clips in our video which means we can speed up, slow down or even reverse a clip. This came into hand in positions when the content in the clips were moving fast but the actual tempo of the song was slow which did not fit so to fit the genre conventions it would have to be slowed down. To apply this effect was simple, you have to right click on the clip which will come up with many bars, click on speed duration and the image below will appear.

One effect that I found most enjoyable to test out was the echo effect. It was difficult to find out how to do it as we had to search through YouTube tutorials that gave us the best insight in to how to do it. It ended up being reasonably simple to do, we just searched echo into the effects section, once it came up we dragged it onto the clip we wanted to apply the effect on. This effect was significant to creating a clip that suggests the actor feels out of control and disorientated after having been in the greenhouse for so long having been trapped.

Overall, I believe that Babul and I have come really far in terms of improving our technical ability on Premier Pro. With these added technical skills I believe our music video has improved vastly and there is still much to learn and improve on.

May 27

Production Skills Evaluation 1

The design skills I have acquired so far in the creation of our music video are:

  • The progression of using design skills in Premiere when editing the video.
  • Framing while filming. (What particular angles and distances connote specific ideas)
  • Organisational skills at the shoot and prior too it.
  • Keeping continuity in our shoot. (this occurred in our first draft where pedestrians were seen in the video which is a huge continuity error)
  • To always take too many shots as opposed to too little as we often found ourselves with not enough footage in premier pro.
  • Make sure that the shot are always in focus before filming (unless done on purpose)
  • I have learnt to edit to effect, having the shot cuts to the beat of the song and increasing the tempo to the speed of the song.

These skills have advanced my knowledge of making a music video.

Below is a screenshot of the workplace in which we are editing out video. In this screenshot you can see the variety of layers and different effects used on different clips.

I feel that a truly significant asset to our editing is the use of ‘Warp Stabiliser’. Once we had transferred our clips from the camera to the computer, we noticed that a few of the shots were unstable and shaky which is not at all ideal. To rectify this we in fact had to use Warp Stabiliser which stabilises the shots extremely well and has proven to be very valuable.

You then have to drag this on to the clip you wish to stabilise and watch the magic happen. This was truly valuable to keeping it as a conventional music video.

Furthermore, me and Babul found the colour correction side to the editing is also truly valuable. We noticed this especially when looking at the performance side of the video where we are trying to create this grungy, rough and dirty scene taking into account the genre conventions. We used this colour editing to also create a contrast between the shots of Millie with a brighter, autumnal sense to it, contrasting the dark and gloomy colour correction of the performance shoot. This was connoted greatly once we re watched it after using these effects and we have noticed the importance of it.