October 9

So…How can an image communicate meaning?

During our Media Studies life so far, a key part of our course has been Mise en scene, which translates into English as ‘staging’, it is exactly that. Mise en scene refers to everything you see in the shot, in terms or lighting, props, make-up, hair, acting, setting, and costume. These are all key parts that make up a great shot that can be in a movie or even an image on the front cover of a magazine.

Mise en scene is what gives an image it’s meaning. This can be the costume that communicates what class and social status a character has, or the lighting of an image which can convey so much, the mood of the image, the genre of the image or even to give a character a personality before they say anything. For example, if the general lighting is dim, it connotes the scene to be gloomy or sad. What has interested me a great deal when studying mise en scene is how you completely interpret images in a different way than you used to.

Learning to acquire this skill has helped me immensely when carrying out my recent tasks. One most in particular is when we analysed a scene from the series Downton Abbey. During this task we used our skills to analyse the scene with mise en scene. We took everything into account, the acting, costumes, lighting and everything else. One that I found most critical was the acting between the two groups of people, the servants and the wealthy family. A scene in particular showed the way in which the servants ate, very quickly and recklessly, on the contrary the father of the family ate slowly, with grace, which connoted his patience and free time.

Overall, learning about mise en scene has helped me greatly to analyse images. This will also aid me enormously when designing my music magazine cover.

September 18

So… Hello Media Studies!

I feel that two years of one subject can seem quite daunting, having to learn so many things in what seems like a lifetime but in retrospect is not so long. I feel that Media possesses so many important skills that you will require in your future. There are many things I wish to learn in my time doing Media. One skill that I believe earns it’s way into the bracket of most important things to learn is textual analysis. This is a skill that we are already developing in our early days of Media Studies, a skill that I always thought I understood but in fact being something that takes a lot more thought. Even the smallest detail in something like a magazine cover can have the biggest impact in the end product. This could be the colour  of the font or even the font size itself.  Another skill i’m determined to acquire is how to create a well presented magazine cover, which includes photos and well set out text styles to attract attention to certain headlines. A skill that I’ve always wished to learn is how to edit and create a short video. I believe this it is something we will most definitely learn in the duration of our time and I am greatly excited to do so. I am also studying English as an A-level, which I believe, will be an influential part of my work within Media Studies as the course demands a lot of essays and well written pieces. I regard well written English as an extremely important skill, as it is demanded within almost every subject.

September 13

I am a Media prosumer

I am a media prosumer because I consume media as well as creating it. By using a collage i have been able to put all my favourite media into one. A lot of the media here is used for entertainment, however, social media like Tumblr and Instagram I use to create media through photos. I use these to connect with friends and create a personal identity. I firmly believe that media is a huge part of our lives, as we invest so much of our time into it, in this day and age. I have found myself spending countless minutes on Instagram, why is this? I believe this is because it separates itself from the other social medias. This is due to the fact that it’s main purpose is sharing photos, other than the captions (which are normally single words) there are no words used in Instagram, which means that you can communicate through pictures. I also regard Spotify as a very individual social media. You have the chance to communicate through music, which is a worldwide possibility. I think that music is a great way to convey your emotions. Spotify gives you the opportunity to taste each others music and learn more about each other, which is why I can’t deny it being one of the most successful social medias. Although Facebook seems to be going out of fashion I still regard it as one of the most useful social medias as it captures all aspects you want of a social media, photos, videos and being able to talk to people. What I think is so influential is the possibility to discuss posts. This can be just commenting on a friends’ post, or having a global debate in the comments section of a worldwide page. What is also posted on Facebook is your achievements, this can be the results you get in an exam or even passing your driving test. Facebook gives you the chance to share this information with people all over the world that you don’t have the chance to share with in person. I think it is important to stress that people need to find the balance between the overuse of social media and the side of social media which is extremely useful. It is often argued that our generation are ‘glued’ to our devices, which although being a huge overstatement in some cases I agree greatly. I often see teenagers and even younger children on their phones even in the presence of each other, which I firmly agree is sickening. I truly hope that this social media addiction is prevented, however I can see how easily we become addicted, and overstep the point of our devices being useful.