Camera Talks

Here are 5 of my own images all shot at different angles to connote different meanings and express different ideas. Underneath each image there is a short description of the meanings behind the angles and the way I have shown emotions etc.

This image was taken at a medium long shot, this was also shot with slow shutter speed, slow shutter speed is pretty self explanatory and it just means after you click the button the image will be shot for a few seconds, this is how you create a motion image, these can be effective when you take images of dancers or any shoots where you’d like to catch movement, this works especially well with dresses and cars.

This is a medium long shot, the model looks helpless and quite vulnerable, the way I created this look was for my model to sit down on the floor, slumped with soft shoulders and to have shadowing. By this angle being a  medium long shot you can also tell hes lonely as there is nothing around him and no colour to create a happier vibe.

This is a higher angle image, to get this picture I stood on a chair looking down on my model. By having the camera looking down on someone makes the readers see the subject as less powerful and weak. Also she looks mysterious because her face is hidden away by her hat.

This image is really effective and that’s because the model looks very vulnerable and innocent, as if she is looking up to someone else. She looks like she in not being the dominant one and this angle creates lots of confusion as you are left wondering what she is looking up at.

This image is my favourite one out of this contact sheet of angles and that is because you can see her dominance and her power just by the angle and her face angling. She is looking away from the camera and she has sunglasses on which creates more mystery to her and even more power. This angle is my favourite as you can read a lot by something so simple as a raised chin and a slightly lower angle.


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