My copy of a Professional Magazine front page


Here are 2 of my own magazine front cover interpretations.

Both of these images were studio pictures and I did a shoot of around 50 images per shoot and then when it came to the editing process choosing the image was the main focus for me as the image is the most important thing on the front as that is meant to grab your attention.

I watched a lot of In-design and Photoshop tutorials to achieve these front covers, I looked a lot into what goes on to the front of a magazine, from the small things like bar code and a date and then the mastheads and the images.

Things I am pleased with are… the images as I think they both have good styles and I had planned the MISE-EN-SCENE down to a T, I planned the makeup and hair before hand and I also planned a few of the shots before going straight into the shoot so I knew the type and style of images I was aiming for, this saved me a lot of time during the shoot so I didn’t have to stress about what angles would look good.

The things I think i could have done better, looking back now would be the fonts, the first magazine on the left could have had bolder writing and different fonts to make it stand out more, like the other magazine the writing is bold and colourful so its another thing that will grab the readers attention.


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