Technical Camera Terms

There are many camera terms for the different angles you shoot at I went out and took a variety of different shots to show them and their camera term.. below are my images and their terms.

  • Close up
  • Long shot
  • Medium shot
  • Shallow depth of field
  • Birds eye view
  • Canted angle

These angles can make people look and represent peoples power/dominance just by their simply styling of MISE-EN-SCENE or the angles, for example, if i lay on the ground and take a picture looking up at someone this makes them seem like they have power over the viewers, if this is a close up low angle shot this would make the model seem vain and in control, that’s why most pop singers take images like this as they are strong, independent etc.

Here is my location shoots contact sheet where you can see the wide range of different angle as explained in the above paragraph.


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