Production Skills Evaluation 1

I think that the production stage is going well for the group, we have all had our fair share of editing and giving new ideas etc and the video is coming along really well. There are some new skills we have learnt, like how to colour correct the shots and also we have found easier way to edit the shots and drag them down into the sequence. I have also learnt new techniques in Preimier Pro to resize the shot and change the framing, which is useful to me because it means we can zoom in on shots etc which means key features of the shots are being shown more clearly.

These skills have impacted on my product so now all the shots are positioned how we want them to be and some are cropped to fit the screen better and show the most important features like facial expressions.

Here are some of the screenshots from Premier pro:

This is where you can see the sequence in the application, as you can see there are some gaps in the sequence where we are looking to add another shot in, ‘fx’ means we have added an effect or editing that shot.

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