Audience Ideologies

Here below is a slide show I have created on my audiences ideologies, I have gathered some demographics and correlations about the type of person they are and the things they enjoy etc, with this information I have made them a dating profile so we can clearly see the type of person we are aiming our music video for. This will help us so that we know the person better and roughly know what type of music video they would enjoy watching, please click on the arrows below to view my dating profile.



As you can see below from the demographics the person who usually listens to this band is a female who is in the age range of 18-20, they enjoy video games and are highly interested in movies and shows such as Game of Thrones etc, celebrities they are fans of range from Russell Howard to Jonathan Ross and Emma Stone. This person sways more to the left when it comes to politics and could potentially have a job as a writer for a newspaper or a magazine company.

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