Feedback From Teacher

Here is the feedback my group and I have received on the first draft of our music video, this draft has not been colour corrected etc, we have just cut shots and placed them in places we think will look good. Here below are some of the points our teacher brought up for us to work on. We will be taking into account everything that my teacher has said to us about the video and using it to better the video, getting feedback is always a good way to improve the video as the teacher can see it not in editing so he can see what we need to work on, rather than ourselves who see the video everyday, so we may not always see the mistakes as well as someone who isn’t in the group.

To watch the video above please click the play button which will take you to YouTube.


  • Create a simpler narrative
  • More shots needed to fit in
  • Get more extreme close ups
  • Re-arrange shots into a better order

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