Draft 3

Here is the third draft of our music video, as you can see we have included more shots from the previous shoot we did, these shots defiantly were needed and help pull together the narrative.

As you can see by playing the video there are still a few gaps missing where we need extra shots, we already have these shots its just a case of choosing the best and adding it in.

Here are some comments we received from other peers in the class:

  • Some shots move out the screen, need to fix this
  • What is the water representing?
  • Some shots slightly unsteady
  • Pace is slow on all shots
  • Quicken the edit

We have taken into account all of these points and therefore will try and better the music video by taking these comments on constructively.

Some of the things we need to work on are:

  • Make sure shots are all in the frame
  • Fix unsteady shots
  • Change pacing on some shots?
  • Add in some more effects


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