Production Meeting Agenda -Narrative 2

Here is the second Narrative shoots production meeting agenda, we are shooting one more time just get in some extra shots for the music video as we noticed when editing that we were short and could do with some more just so we have more of an option in shots to use in editing. Also we had some feedback and we were told that we should try and show the narrative a bit clearer and by doing this we needed some extra shots so the narrative wasn’t too confusing for the audience.

Here below is the story board I have made consisting of shots we are planning to use, this is a useful document for us so we know exactly what we need and are aiming for by the end of the shoot.

This below was the original story board, however since we are going to be adding more shots it was necessary we needed another small story board of the shots we needed to pick up, like a shot list but visual.


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