Production Skills 2

I have recently learnt a lot more things to do with editing my music video in premier pro, me and my group have started to add some effects into the video and right now we are just playing around with the effects to see what looks good etc. We have decided to keep most of the edits simple and not too out there as it won’t suit the video/song. We had a talk with a special effects specialist called Lenny in school and he introduced some edits and helped people decide on edits.

I think for my group we are going to learn more about effects to create the idea of movement for our couples are walking, also some darker effects to use when you see Seb looking upset at his loss and try and make it seem duller, also when he is with Olivia the edit will be brighter and more happy, this is the styles we are aiming for. We have been trying these out and playing around to see what suits the video and so soon the video will be all finished.

Here are some screenshots of us looking at effects in premier pro…

The transitions we are looking to use are movement ones which come under ‘twirls’ and ‘video effects’


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