Draft 4 feedback

Here is a screen castify I received by two peers in my class, they watched our music video and have recorded their ideas and thoughts on how to improve our music video, however not all the feedback was negative, they gave us some compliments on some of out shots and framing and really liked our MISE-EN-SCENE.


-Double check some of the editing as it doesn’t match up with next shots.

-Add some effects in

-Try and create a clearer narrative on why they are aruging

-Get rid of one of the water pouring shots as it is there twice

We are pleased with the feedback received and we will all try hard to improve on the points they brought up and we are taking into account their opinions.

Draft 4

Here is draft 4 of our music video, as you can see since last time the gaps have all been filled in and we are on the way to finishing, all we need to do now is some simple effects and transitions and potentially play around with more editing. We are please the narrative has come into place now and it is clearer than before.

Production Skills 2

I have recently learnt a lot more things to do with editing my music video in premier pro, me and my group have started to add some effects into the video and right now we are just playing around with the effects to see what looks good etc. We have decided to keep most of the edits simple and not too out there as it won’t suit the video/song. We had a talk with a special effects specialist called Lenny in school and he introduced some edits and helped people decide on edits.

I think for my group we are going to learn more about effects to create the idea of movement for our couples are walking, also some darker effects to use when you see Seb looking upset at his loss and try and make it seem duller, also when he is with Olivia the edit will be brighter and more happy, this is the styles we are aiming for. We have been trying these out and playing around to see what suits the video and so soon the video will be all finished.

Here are some screenshots of us looking at effects in premier pro…

The transitions we are looking to use are movement ones which come under ‘twirls’ and ‘video effects’


Draft 3

Here is the third draft of our music video, as you can see we have included more shots from the previous shoot we did, these shots defiantly were needed and help pull together the narrative.

As you can see by playing the video there are still a few gaps missing where we need extra shots, we already have these shots its just a case of choosing the best and adding it in.

Here are some comments we received from other peers in the class:

  • Some shots move out the screen, need to fix this
  • What is the water representing?
  • Some shots slightly unsteady
  • Pace is slow on all shots
  • Quicken the edit

We have taken into account all of these points and therefore will try and better the music video by taking these comments on constructively.

Some of the things we need to work on are:

  • Make sure shots are all in the frame
  • Fix unsteady shots
  • Change pacing on some shots?
  • Add in some more effects


Production Meeting Agenda -Narrative 2

Here is the second Narrative shoots production meeting agenda, we are shooting one more time just get in some extra shots for the music video as we noticed when editing that we were short and could do with some more just so we have more of an option in shots to use in editing. Also we had some feedback and we were told that we should try and show the narrative a bit clearer and by doing this we needed some extra shots so the narrative wasn’t too confusing for the audience.

Here below is the story board I have made consisting of shots we are planning to use, this is a useful document for us so we know exactly what we need and are aiming for by the end of the shoot.

This below was the original story board, however since we are going to be adding more shots it was necessary we needed another small story board of the shots we needed to pick up, like a shot list but visual.


Feedback From Teacher

Here is the feedback my group and I have received on the first draft of our music video, this draft has not been colour corrected etc, we have just cut shots and placed them in places we think will look good. Here below are some of the points our teacher brought up for us to work on. We will be taking into account everything that my teacher has said to us about the video and using it to better the video, getting feedback is always a good way to improve the video as the teacher can see it not in editing so he can see what we need to work on, rather than ourselves who see the video everyday, so we may not always see the mistakes as well as someone who isn’t in the group.

To watch the video above please click the play button which will take you to YouTube.


  • Create a simpler narrative
  • More shots needed to fit in
  • Get more extreme close ups
  • Re-arrange shots into a better order

Draft 2

This is the second rough draft of our music video, there is coverage throughout the music video and there are shots we would like to use, however we still have some gaps where we would like to ‘pick up’ some more footage that we have thought would go well during the editing process.

The narrative is about a boy who wants a girl who is already taken and so he is trying to get her throughout the music video and you’ll see glimpses of him with her and him throughout having a good time etc which the lead singer Jordan doesn’t seem to like.

Things to Improve

  • Lip syncing needs to be matched up better
  • Some shots need to be shortened as they’re too long
  • Color enhancements will need to be made on some shots which may be darker than others

Please click on the play button to watch the first draft.

Audience Ideologies

Here below is a slide show I have created on my audiences ideologies, I have gathered some demographics and correlations about the type of person they are and the things they enjoy etc, with this information I have made them a dating profile so we can clearly see the type of person we are aiming our music video for. This will help us so that we know the person better and roughly know what type of music video they would enjoy watching, please click on the arrows below to view my dating profile.



As you can see below from the demographics the person who usually listens to this band is a female who is in the age range of 18-20, they enjoy video games and are highly interested in movies and shows such as Game of Thrones etc, celebrities they are fans of range from Russell Howard to Jonathan Ross and Emma Stone. This person sways more to the left when it comes to politics and could potentially have a job as a writer for a newspaper or a magazine company.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

I think that the production stage is going well for the group, we have all had our fair share of editing and giving new ideas etc and the video is coming along really well. There are some new skills we have learnt, like how to colour correct the shots and also we have found easier way to edit the shots and drag them down into the sequence. I have also learnt new techniques in Preimier Pro to resize the shot and change the framing, which is useful to me because it means we can zoom in on shots etc which means key features of the shots are being shown more clearly.

These skills have impacted on my product so now all the shots are positioned how we want them to be and some are cropped to fit the screen better and show the most important features like facial expressions.

Here are some of the screenshots from Premier pro:

This is where you can see the sequence in the application, as you can see there are some gaps in the sequence where we are looking to add another shot in, ‘fx’ means we have added an effect or editing that shot.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

These 2 images is us about to film the shot of Seb giving Olivia a piggy back.

Here above are some images that we took on the filming day for the narrative, we were lucky that we had good weather for this filming day as we planned to have sunny skies etc. We all worked really well as a team, the actors all got into character very quickly and we all had fun which was the aim as we wanted the couple to act as real as possible.

Things that went well:

  • Everyone was in their character
  • Shots are really good with varieties of angles etc
  • Mies-En-Scene is good

We have got a lot of good shots from this day as we went to a few different locations so this gives us a bit of a variety to choose from when we take these to school and put them into the editing sequence.