Narrative Storyboard


Here is our narrative storyboard, we got an A3 piece of paper and loads of post-it notes which we drew all over to create our story board, which essentially is just a day plan for our shooting day, we have included angles we wish to use and what these angles mean to the song and also what type of angle they are. This is a good document for us to keep and take to filming days as then we can follow it to make sure no shots are forgotten. On each post-it note we also wrote little reminders and notes to ourselves which will be helpful so we don’t forget important things, this is a very useful document for the filming day.

Risk Assessment -Narrative 2

Here is the risk assessment we did together in class the day before filming, we had to identify all the hazards and risks of being down in Fort Houmet and how we can control them or prevent them.

In this risk assessment I have also stated the date time and location and who will be there just for the teachers reference so they know where we are at all times.

Narrative Development

This is our narrative development which is a document which tells us about our music video, from the start to the end like a story. This helps us because we can see what to work on to make the music video represent this story even better.

Jordan is the main singer who feels like he has no one as the person he likes likes someone else, until in the end he gets what he wants after causing a disruption between Olivia and Seb.

Through the music video Olivia and Seb start off in a  happy couple, loved up, and Jordan is the main singer who feels like he has no one as the person he likes likes someone else,  however then Seb starts to get slightly verbally abusive towards Olivia and causes a divide in their relationship, and as Jordan cares for Olivia he wants her and sees her hurt and goes to be her hero. We then see Seb alone towards the end of the video as he has realised he has done wrong and caused the disruption himself.

Please click below to view the story we created:

Performance Rough Cut Draft 1

This is the first draft of our performance side of the music video, we have just played around with placing shots in the sequence to see what fits and to see if we have enough coverage. Our group worked really well together in terms of sharing the filming jobs and directing jobs. all of us have filmed a good amount and came up with new ideas.

Things that went well:

  • Actors got into character quite quickly
  • Variety of angles and shots

Things that didn’t go to plan:

  • Not getting as many shots as we needed/planned
  • Some colour and lighting changes

What to improve:

  • Some lip syncing isn’t perfect
  • Some shots don’t suit the lyrics
  • Colour corrections

Performance Shoot Reflection

The first shooting day went relatively well in terms of our actors getting into their characters well and the shots we managed to get. At first the main actor was a bit shy however everyone sang too to help his confidence which really worked well for the filming. We tried out loads more shots than we planned so we could get a larger variety, doing this meant that we would have more choices when it came to editing just incase certain shots didn’t look as good as expected too.

We looked at other music videos from this genre and tried to recreate some of their shots, like him sitting on a wall looking down to show him as a bigger more dominant person, we did these shots to try and make his mood shown clearer.

Overall I think the first shooting day went well, we could have been a bit more organised but there is always room for improvements in the next shooting day.


Star Image Planning

We have created a mood board for our star image planning so we can see exactly what we want our star of our music video to look like, we have looked at their social medias and tried to find out more about their personalities too and have come across these things below (please click on the left and right arrows to view the mood board). These boys are quite out there and live their life to the full and don’t let anything hold them back, which is clearly represented through their music.

In a brief overview, this power point is describing my stars. So the band we chose was Saint PHYX and they are 2 scottish boys who write their own music, they are indie pop and they are quite quirky and edgy boys. The paradox of these stars are that they are like bad boys, who are rebellious and like to look urban and street, these boys have only made a few songs so they have a niche audience but they have great music and their songs are very catchy.

Risk Assessment

Here is our risk assessment document, where we have took into account all the possible dangers that there are in the locations we have chosen to film at. We have said how we can potentially prevent these risks and all signed this document to show we agree to follow it and act safety on shooting days. We have also allocated locations with times we will be there just so our teacher can know where we are at all times.

Production Meeting Agenda For Performance Shoots

Here is our production meeting agenda, this is a sheet of paper where we all stated names and details of the shoot, we also wrote where we will be at what times and also who is in charge of bringing certain things along to the shoot, this is a crucial document because if something is forgotten or not done then we know who was in charge of it. Also this document is useful to the teachers overseeing us on this filming day because they’ll need to know exactly where we are at all times for safety reasons.