New and Improved Double Page Spread

Here is my new and improved double page spread. I changed a lot of things from the first draft, I kept going back each day to look at it again and each time I thought of something new or better to do to it, and so it improved within a week or so. Giving the magazine time was the best thing as each day I saw it I was going back with a fresh clear mind and prepared to experiment more with it all.

Feedback and Reflection Draft 3- Double Page


What went well:

  • The colour scheme, all the colours work really well together I think and compliment one another.
  • The interview is realistic for my genre and target audience. This girl will be seen as a role model for readers.
  • The font choices, they are current and trendy, and elegant which was the type of font I had in mind.

What didn’t go so well:

  • I think I could have positioned some of the images differently on this page and had one of the images on the left.


  • Rearrange images to balance the page with items.
  • Make the magazine look more realistic.

Feedback and Reflection Draft 2- Contents Page

What went well:

  • I think my colour scheme and choices for colour has gone really well, as these colours are known to be young colours as they’re bold and quirky.
  • I also think the positioning of the model has gone well as she is looking at the writing to the right. Readers tend to follow the eye line.

What didn’t go so well:

  • I think I could have added more things on to this to make it look more professional and real.
  • The numbers are not realistic for a contents page, there would be more pages in other magazines in real life.


  • Make the magazine look more realistic by changing the numbers
  • Also to make it look more realistic add more things and detail on to the magazine.

Feedback and Reflection Draft 1- Front Cover


What went well:

  • Photoshopping the image went well as i think this image works well for a front cover, and the eye makeup matches the background well too.
  • The colour of the font “GLAM” works well with the background colour too, as they compliment each other.
  • The positioning of captions etc, I like the places where things are currently, this is something I wont be changing.

What didn’t go so well:

  • The smaller captions are hard to read because of their font colour which doesn’t match the background colour, it clashes badly.
  • The fonts are too similar and for magazines the title should be totally different to the other fonts, so I need to change the caption fonts.


Targets for improvement:

  • Changing the colour of the writing OR/AND the background so they compliment each other better.
  • Making the fonts more visually different,
  • Adding a barcode in as this is an essential for front covers.

Here is the newer version after taking these targets into consideration.

Here is the feedback I received from my teacher which I have took into account:

My Work In Progress


Here is my front cover, I changed the font of my masthead because I didn’t think it looked elegant enough but also eye catching for my readers.

Here above is my contents page currently, where I changed a few of the colors to match better and the make the color palette a solid 3 purples.

Here is my double page spread, which I am happy with and just added in a few things like her social media content details, I think that makes the page more realistic and relates more to the pop star.

Full Page Advert

I have chosen this advert article to use in my magazine because I think it fits in with my audience, this generation we live in now uses mobile phones all day long, teenagers do not go anywhere without their phones, so having this advert about phone services will make teenagers think about their contracts and if they should switch to this company.

There are statistics proving that teenage girls especially spend around 9 hours a day on social media and tweens spend around 6 hours on social media while 30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction. And the majority of that time is on mobile – 60% of social media time spent is facilitated by a mobile device.