Production Skills Evaluation 1

I think that the production stage is going well for the group, we have all had our fair share of editing and giving new ideas etc and the video is coming along really well. There are some new skills we have learnt, like how to colour correct the shots and also we have found easier way to edit the shots and drag them down into the sequence. I have also learnt new techniques in Preimier Pro to resize the shot and change the framing, which is useful to me because it means we can zoom in on shots etc which means key features of the shots are being shown more clearly.

These skills have impacted on my product so now all the shots are positioned how we want them to be and some are cropped to fit the screen better and show the most important features like facial expressions.

Here are some of the screenshots from Premier pro:

This is where you can see the sequence in the application, as you can see there are some gaps in the sequence where we are looking to add another shot in, ‘fx’ means we have added an effect or editing that shot.

Creative Critical Reflection 3- Dragons Den Pitch

Here is my video of my pitch, please click to watch! 

I was away for this evaluation questions on study leave as I had mock exams for my other subjects, because of this I filmed the video outside of school in my house, however I have answered everything in the video and explained my reasons behind my points and tried to sell my pitch to ‘The Dragons’. This evaluation question was meant to be me being interviewed in the TV show ‘Dragons Den’, so this video is in the style of their show. I edited the whole video myself which took time to cut and edit all the clips of myself, however this was fun to do.

So How Did It Go?

I have finally finished my music magazine and I think from the start of the course I have progressed in a lot of different techniques on Photoshop and InDesign. I am please with my pages and the ads I have chosen to go along with them and think my magazine really suits the genre and my target audience, I managed to add a lot of new things and change colours towards the very end because I was 100% with it, I knew I needed to change a few things so just by changing a few of the colours I am now 100% happy with it, I am happy with the new skills I have learnt throughout and glad that I know these skills as I am sure they’ll help me in the future and for the rest of the course.

So… How’s It Going?

I think my magazine is becoming more suited to my genre and target audience for many reasons, such as, the color palette is now brighter and more vivid on the pages, the colors I have chosen per page all contrast well with the images they’re linked to, and of course all of these colors are popular colors for my target audience. Another convention of my magazine that links the pages with my genre is my choice of writing, my article is an interview with a new pop star which I think a lot of people in my target audience would be interested in, all people in my target audience would like to hear about their new role model.

Design Skills 2

This is an update of my skills learnt in Photoshop and In-Design. I have learnt to develop most of the skill which I have previously learnt, such as using wand tools to get rid of excess hair in my way. I can now do this a lot faster and in more of a simple way. Another thing I have learnt recently was to create shapes for the magazine, on the contents page I have added colored blocks behind my writing to make the writing stand out a lot more and create more features. As the course goes on and I experiment with new things I am learning quicker and easier ways of creating the outcome that I want.

Design Skills 1

Throughout the process of creating my magazine I have learnt a lot of different skills in Photoshop and InDesign, such as using the magnetic lasso tool to cut out the fine edges of areas in the images for my magazine, those fine edges were her hair and I think they’ve worked well.

I then learnt how to add a inner or outer glow to the edges of the model, this makes the model more enhanced and grabs your attention, for my readers this is important that I can grab their attention and make them want to read/buy my article.

Using InDesign for the first time was difficult, I needed to learn how to use all the tools properly and understand what they were all for. After a few months of learning and using these tools daily I have come to grips with exactly how to use certain tools and some of them I don’t need to use at all for my magazine.

Here are some of the screenshots below of my Photoshop and InDesign processes.

So…. I am ready to photograph my star!

I have learnt a lot over this week in planning and looking at pictures which inspire me. I have looked deeply into the style of clothes and make-up that will go well with my theme and I have planned all the MES according to this. I have also learned what style pictures look good on the front cover of a magazine. My photography experience of 3 years will also really help with the shoot as I know what works with lighting and angles etc. So I am excited to start the shoot at the end of this week and until then I will continue looking at mood boards and colour palettes to make sure me and my model are clear on the exact style.