Preliminary Montage- School Day

This is my prelim task where I worked with a partner to create a short video montage on someone on their average school day. Before filming this we made a story board up of the shots to do, so we would be prepared to start.

Here is the montage above that me and my partner worked on.

Some of our strengths were: 

Holding the camera steady

Good framing

Good Ideas for the school day montage

However some of our weaknesses were:

Editing is a bit off at times

Almost broke the 180 degree rule, but quickly remembered

Sound could be better by using music over top of original sound

Prelim Continuity Task


This is my short video of someone receiving a present, we did this task just for us to gain some more knowledge on how to film and edit, this was in preparation for our music videos. Doing this task I learnt a lot of things to do with the editing and filming process.

Within filming i learnt:

  • Every shot needs to be steady, unless done so on purpose
  • Film shots at least 3 times just incase one isn’t good
  • Do not move the actors to a new location half way through a sequence and not re-do some shots as this means you’re making a continuity error.

Within editing i learnt:

  • Eye line matches only work if the shots are good
  • Do not break the 180 degree rule as when it comes to edit this can be a pain