Draft 4 Feedback And Targets

Below here is my ScreenCastify recording, with a teacher telling me how to improve.  So far all I have are drafts, granted they’re very good drafts in my opinion, however there is still work to do, and to get the ability to have go through my work and see what is good, and where it needs to be picked up a little bit is very good, as now I know which areas of my work are the weakest. To improve my work, and as said in this video, and in the classroom, I need to:

  • Need to add something else to the front cover, to give it an extra kick
  • Make the title of ‘Flashback’, stand out more
  • Change the layout of the double page spread
  • Segregate the questions from the photography credit on the double page spread, as they seem to be together
  • Change double page spread star to the cover
  • Add an extra kick to the content page
  • Take some extra pictures with more meaning and mise en scene
  • Change up costume?
  • Fix Typo’s and misspellings

I will try and improve on the majority, if not all of these, for me to get the best possible magazine I can.



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