Feedback on Article

This is my draft for my double page spread. In comparison to my previous ones, I think I have a lot more in this one. I am happy with the colour scheme, and the pictures I have taken are nice and high quality, except for the top one with is somewhat blurry, however this is intentional, as it is a throwback to static TV’s, therefore showing that I am still trying to recapture the look of the 1950’s swing look. My story I believe is compelling and well written, using transferable writing skills to pull off a thought provoking, and tragic yet warm hearted and believable story.


A peer had made some points in how I an improve upon my already very good article. These points are:

  • “Maybe consider playing around and experimenting with different fonts”
  • “Make the Bylines smaller. They’re way too big, take up too much space, and really aren’t as important as the article”
  • “Aren’t the page numbers meant to be on opposite ends of the page? Probably do that”


This is the reading of my article. I have indeed changed a few things round since this has been read, but it was a start, and not too much has been changed. Just a bit of wordplay to make it sound smoother. This was good for me though, as now I can hear how it sounds to the reader, and what sounds good, and what does not.


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