This is the advertisement that I have chosen for my magazine. It is a cologne called ‘Paco Rabanne’. I chose this because it very well matches up against what I am doing. Firstly, the black and white style suits up brilliantly, and the splash of colour is also used in my magazine, even the colour of it (gold) is replicated to an extent in my magazine, as I have a yellowish gold. Cologne itself is quite suave, cool and really something that relates to the swing style and class of the 1950’s. I looked this up on ‘YouGov’, and found out that young men like this brand. The target demographic I am aiming for.


Image result for microphone advert

This is my second advertisement is for the hard rock casino. This advertisement is also trying to tell people more than ‘it’s just a casino’, it is trying to say that there is music and restaurants there, as shown by the logo, with the old retro ‘1950’s’ microphone, with forks in it. Again the colour scheme of black, white and yellow matches up with my magazine well, the image of the microphone is what really dragged me in, as it is very retro, and just the kind of microphone I am aiming for.. In addition, a lot of old swing stars started out singing in bars and casinos, that’s how most people start off in the industry before getting noticed. However, there was no ‘YouGov’ document on the hard rock casino, or casino’s in general.


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