Final Teacher Feedback and Targets

This is my final feedback, so I know where to go to finish off. My main problems include:

  • Colour scheme on the front colour (Too Much Red)
  • No continuity to colour on the double page spread
  • Not too much of a variety of shots
  • Wording of words in the double page spread
  • Maybe not white on the contents page
  • Numbers aren’t aligned on the contents page
  • Change to ‘photographed by’, instead of crediting the artist every picture
  • Keep punctuation consistent on double page spread
  • Can make the model bigger on front cover

Now I know where to improve, and I am determined to improve upon these the best I can so that I can get the best overall final product I can. It has taken draft after draft, but I am ready to finally finish and get the best possible final product that I can get.


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