Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

We have now gone out and done our shoot. We took a very ample amount of shots, more than we need, and we very commonly doubled up  with shots, allowing us a sort of safety net, just in case a shot is out of focus, or has no composition. We some decent mise en scene, especially with the straight jacket, as that was our crux of mise en scene. The characters were interesting, and well defined, and overall the shots were great. We spent hours getting these shots, and will only be able to use about a minute and a halfs worth, so we need to only choose the cream of the crop, only the greatest parts of the greatest shots can get into our video. Despite this, I do have some problems with the shoot, which include:

  • We didn’t get enough running shots
  • Some shots had shaky camera
  • Some shots were out of focus
  • We didn’t get many shots to end off the narrative
  • We could have got some more mise en scene shots

Despite that, as I shot all of the performance shots, I could not shoot anything at the narrative shoot, as it would be unfair to myself and my team, so although I had input on the shots, in essence, the majority of the shots weren’t my vision. I have faith that my team got some good shots, and a wide range of distances and angles however, and am very pleased with what we have, and am sure that we can get a good edit out of it. If we realize that we don’t have enough to work with, we can always get a few close ups, and put them in, and with a fast paced song with lots of energy like ours, this might be the case, however what we do have so far has been quality, and I am happy with the overall effort that we have put in, and product we have gotten out.




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