Music Video Draft 2: Includes Narrative

We have now shot and edited together both the narrative and the performance shoots, and have made a rough and quite basic draft with not much done to it. The basics and foundations are here tomorrow, and we do have some good elements going on here, there is definite potential for this to be an amazing video for example:

  • It is mostly lip synced (This still needs to be perfected)
  • It is edited well to the beat
  • There are a few advanced edits in there
  • There is a crescendo of faster cuts towards the end
  • Some of the visuals are very good, and that can only be improved the more we edit it

However, not too much else has been done to it, and as a somewhat experienced editor, having done a lot of editing before, I can clearly see that there is a lot to do here. Effects, filters and colour correction aren’t present here, and that needs to be gotten on as soon as possible. In addition, we still need to shoot a few things in extreme close up (As it would be hard to get another shooting day down at the bunker), and so my team and I still have a lot of work to do in the upcoming weeks, and need to get these effects and filters soon to see where else to improve.





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