Feedback From Teacher

We have now made our second draft, and have added a mixture of narrative, and our performance shoots. It has been assessed as shown in the video above, and we will still need to improve the video. The main problems that were found with our draft 2 included:

  • The energy – A lot of shots were held on for too long, compared to most genres and videos, ours is the most fast paced, we need to be cutting quicker than we are, and putting more clips in there, and that is how we will improve, by getting more shots and cutting quicker.
  • The rap – One of the main problems was that there is a mixture of rap and rock, quite challenging but doable. The rap wasn’t to the camera, it wasn’t ‘in your face’ enough, and so we will need to reshoot this rap so we can fix these, we have agreed that more energy needs to be put into the rap, our star needs to look like he knows the exact words coming out of his mouth and absolutely believe them.
  • Shaky camera – This one is a small one, but a few shots are slightly shaky, we will use warp stabilizer to fix them.
  • Quality – I do not know what quality we exported or if it was watched at a lower quality, but it is easily fixable.
  • General – We will reshoot some shots, the masked men, me putting on the suit and myself struggling in the jacket will be the main re shoots, as we need to show these more than we do. In addition, the more of these shots we can get, the more material we can work with, and the shorter some of the dragging shots can be.

These are our biggest problems, however they are easily fixable, and they will hopefully be remedied by the upcoming drafts, this was a solid draft 2, and it can only get better from here, but we need to remember to fix these problems first.


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