New PMA/Storyboards


Turns out that we did not get all of the shots that we needed in our original shoots, there were shots that we hadn’t thought about or planned for, and shots we didn’t get enough takes of. Therefore, we have had to make another shot list, and another production meeting agenda to get these needed shots. Therefore, again everybody will know what they are meant to be doing during this shoot, so it can be as efficient and useful as possible.

Again we have had to make a shot list so that we know what shots we need to get, in what angle/distance/composition, and what that shot will do for the overall video, and what it conveys to the audience (For example, an extreme long shot might convey isolation, whereas a POV shot will put us in a characters head, and allow us to sympathies with them. If this goes right, this will be the last shoot, these shots are just covering all of our bases, and giving us even more material to work with.


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