Music Video Draft 3


We have now finished our third draft of the music video. Now we have a full performance shoot and a full narrative shoot that have been edited together well. There is still editing left to be done however, and there are still problems in this despite how well edited and shot is mostly is. However, my group and I have been watching these same clips for weeks, so sometimes it is best to get an unbiased and new, fresh take on the video. For that reason, we have gotten peer feedback, other students watching our music video, telling us what does and doesn’t work.

One group gave us a lot of positives, including:

  • Good lip sync
  • Good energy
  • Well composed shots
  • Good video effects

However, there were a couple of suggestions including:

  • Shortening some of the clips – My group have agreed that this is 100% correct, and we have already started shortening clips to make the video move faster
  • More close ups of the drummer – Since we have two singers, I think we somewhat forgot about the drummer, we will put a few more clips in of him drumming away
  • More straight jacket shots – We have already agreed that this is also a problem, and we will be re-shooting to get a few more straight jacket shots.


This student also gave us some feedback, again agreeing with the first students feedback that we have good energy in the performance, also saying that there was good acting, bringing the role to life. However, she also agreed with the first that too many shots are held on for too long. She disagreed with the first, saying that whilst the glitch effect is cool and ‘very effective’, she argues that it has been overused, so we will have to decided amongst ourselves whether we should take a few of them out.


Our third comment is quite similar to the rest of them, however she did comment on the fact that she liked the early split-screen, various effects, techniques we used such as the ‘eye’ graphic match the performance and the ending. Again, we know where our strong suits are, and where to improve. We have decided to reshoot one stars performance.

Overall since draft 2, we have vastly improve, added important factors of the video in, and took edits that didn’t work out. Specifically we have improved by:

  • Adding in colour correction to make our performance more grungy looking
  • Adding effects to distort and confuse to catch the eye of the audience
  • Adding in more of a variety of angles and distances
  • Removing certain shots that didn’t work

However, we still have a lot to do, and this peer feedback has helped us a lot. Going forward, in re-shoots and editing, to get the best grade possible, we will have to:

  • Get a reshoot of Janis, and direct him to put more emphasis in his words, he needs to look like he knows and fully believes what he’s saying
  • We need to speed up the edit of the video in order to bring some speed and some rhythm to it
  • We need to add in transitions
  • We need to complete colour correction
  • Finally, we need to use more shots, as we have more shots, it would be a shame not to use them at least once

We now know where we need to improve, and thus now we know where we need to target in so that we can do all we need to improve and get the best possible marks.



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