Music Video Draft 4

We have now created a draft 4 for our music video, polishing some effects and filters that we have been implementing over the past few weeks. However, we have seen our music video so many times now that it is hard for us to stay objective, sometimes you need to take a step back and get a fresh, new opinion on it. We got one of our peers Bilal to react to our video, asking questions about narrative, challenging us on why we used certain shots, angles and distances. Why was this shot held on for so long? Or why was this shot put in at all? What significance does it have? Bilal did have both positives and negatives:


  • He liked the glitch effects
  • He liked the distortion of colour in some shots
  • He loved our main stars performance
  • He really liked some of the mise en scene


  • Some things he didn’t understand, he was asking a lot of questions about why everything was happening
  • Some of the metaphors were too subtle for him, and confused him
  • He wasn’t too thrilled with one of our stars performance in comparison with the others

We can try to fix some of these negatives however, by maybe getting a shot or two in that will give some exposition, and give the audience just enough to go off of. However, distortion and confusion was something that we wanted, we really wanted to challenge their perception of the music video, and put some abstract shots and effects in there, which was accomplished. We should keep improving the effects, and colour correction, maybe get a few more mise en scene shots in the video too, and we will have a very strong music video. We only have a few days left to complete it, however with a productive and efficient group like I have, it should be fairly easy.


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