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Framing A Shot: The shots here are mostly framed well, thus I would have to give it an upper level 3. The front cover, inside left and inside right are all quite plainly shot, however the back cover in my opinion has exceptional framing. The car is on the third, and it includes good lead space, facing towards the rest of the shot. The wide shot compliments this well.

Variety of distances: I would say a lower 4 is a good judgement for this. From two close ups, to a long shot and a mid long shot, it has a fair variety of distances. However, I think a big/extreme close ups or extreme long shots would have been even better.

Appropriate to task: Lower 4 again. I believe that  pop/indie rock is quite a hard genre to define, however if I think of indie rock, this is the sorts of quirky vibes that I get from them.

Mise en scene selection: I would have to give this digipack an upper level 3. Though not too much mise en scene, the lighting was very good, and the props really made this. The digipack is really centred around the red car, and so it works. Despite that, there is not much costume, no make up, no action in here, and not a very important setting.

Manipulating Photos: Upper 4. This has good photo manipulation throughout. From the black and white, and bright red contrast, to the good Photoshop on the inside left cover, this has good photo manipulation.

Language and register: I believe that this is only an upper  level 2. I do not believe that there is enough language and text in here to connote a clear message to the audience. The language that has been used is quite bland and generic, and they also called themselves ‘Imagine Dragons’, and already existing band. It just takes you out of the experience for a second.

Integration: I would give this an upper 4. I believe that all the pictures are extremely linked. From the red smoke in the cover and inside left, to the red car in the inside right and back cover. The colour theme is the same, and the pictures seem very linked.

Layout and Design: Personally, I would give this a lower 4. I believe that the layout is really good. It flows quite well, they used the band on the front correctly, and their wide shot on the back provides a lot of space for the songs. In addition, the songs layout looks good. The inside covers look simple enough not to detract any attention from the main cover, or the back, however still look effective in their own right.

Font and Text sizes: The fonts here are very effective. I love the front covers font! It adds a bit to an otherwise somewhat simplistic cover. The white on the black background goes well. On the back, I believe that the font is a good size, and the black on the white background is easily legible, and crisp. In an all black, white and red image, it does stand out well. The size is also appropriate.

Use ICT appropriately: Lastly, I would say that this digipack uses ICT very well, so I would give it an upper 4. From what seems to be photo shop in the inside left, to the entire black and white but red focus. I believe that ICT is well used, and it serves a big purpose to the draw of the digipack. The photo manipulation is good across the board and thus, it should be an upper 4

All in all, I would argue that this was quite a good digipack, and had a lot of good elements, as mentioned before. It had a lot of character to it, and the photo shop was on point, though took too much inspiration from the music video. Despite that however, I believe that this was a good effort.


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