Contact Sheet


The pictures above are all in a contact sheet in order to show all of the pictures that we have.  Obviously we will only choose the best, but it is important to get all of the pictures, as some will portray our themes better than others. In addition, Now have risk assessed, and planned, and gone out and done our shoot now, with some good results! We got about 70 pictures in total, some of them potential to be on our digipack cover, others with the potential to be on the future website, others…. probably won’t see the light of day again. We have used various props and costume as well as other pieces of mise en scene in order to create a well effective, quite conventional, yet very original digipack cover. It is important to create this contact sheet on order to see exactly what we have, and to cipher through until we find something we really like. I am very confident we have enough photos so that we have a few to choose from. This is the first big step in getting a good digipack cover!


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