Evaluation of Web Page Design

We used a website called Wix to create a alternative rock website for our alternative rock band, ‘eXile’.We chose Wix as it allowed us to have the most control over what our final product we made, and had the most customisable features. Wix was also very easy to use, and very easy to learn. Over the weeks of creating this website, I learnt a lot about conventions of alt rock, and conventions of websites.

We started off by going on the website, and allowing Wix to give us a custom template based upon factors that we told them. A typical alt rock genre website was made, and now we had the task of changing images up to match our band, as well as a few pieces of aesthetic.


We only have a few pages on the website, so we had to add more, as well as reorder them to make it more conventional and easy for the user (Having a contact right next to the homepage isn’t convenient or conventional, contact always goes at the very end) so we had to do that. We added in a bio and a discography so that we could write articles announcing things for the band, and make the page more realistic and giving our band some depth by making it seem as if we have made previous albums.


We learnt a lot about Wix and how to design a website. The ‘Add’ tool was extremely helpful in doing this as it allowed us to have a multitude of different things to add. From pictures to text, to dividing lines, to audio to video. It was an extremely useful tool and allowed us to really put an alt rock conventional, and our own creative spin on the website. It was crucial to add as many things as we did so that we could fully learn and comprehend the workings of Wix.


Finally, there was the overall design. We decided to go with a crisp and slick red and black colour palette with white font as to not make any typography difficult to read. We added in pictures of the band, centered everything, and throughout the pages kept the same fonts. I learnt a lot about web design by doing this and by looking at other more professional alt rock designs such as ‘Linkin Park’ and ‘Nirvana’. We added animations to the fonts to make the website more lively and in your face, something conventional for alt rock websites. Overall, I am happy with the website, and believe that I have learnt a lot about web page design and conventions from looking at other students work, and experimenting by myself.


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