Digipack Draft 1


We have now the first draft of our digipack, having taken pictures and photo shopping them all. Overall, I am very pleased with what we have, and believe that we have made a solid effort that reflects the themes and meta narrative of our band, as well as staying conventional to the alternative rock genre, straying away in some areas however to provide consumers with something new and fresh.

Despite that, we do have problems with our digipack, and that is what first draft’s are for. After finishing it, we were given feedback on how to improve. Mainly, it was subtle changes just to enhance the quality and make it look better. We will have to improve upon these in the second draft. These problems (And how to fix them) Include:

  • We have no album name on the front cover – We were rushed for time and completely forgot to put it in, so in the second draft we will amend that
  • There are spelling mistakes – In ‘Into The Asylum’ and ‘Hallucination’ there are spelling errors, and so we will go back over and fix them, as well as making sure there aren’t any other silly errors throughout
  • Bring the four panes together – We must find a way to bring the four panes together when exporting
  • Curve the smoke effect – Just to make it look cooler on the front cover we will arch the smoke effect
  • Maybe change the effect in the bulb for the inside left – It doesn’t seem to be easily visibly broken, and so maybe we should change the effect on it
  • Bring back the colour of the filament in the bulb – Looks too striking, we may need to ease it a bit
  • Bring the crispy effect to the eye – The eye seems a bit out of place, perhaps we should get some continuity between the inside left and inside right, reusing an effect would do that
  • Put an X on the back cover – It is the only page with no X, breaking continuity, and looks out of place, we must find a place to put an X, maybe in the tracks?
  • Use a filter on the back – It is cold tinted, the complete opposite of the front over, we need to bring in some more reds and oranges
  • Back cover text – We haven’t put in much copyright yet, nor the record label and so must do so

Now we know how to further improve an already solid piece of coursework. If we stick to the advice that we have been given, and amend the smaller mistakes, I believe that this will be an extremely good digipack. Now it is all about fixing our mistakes/adding in solutions.


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