Web page Conventions

It was Blulmer and Katz that said that people use the internet in order to entertain, inform and reinforce their self beliefs amongst other things. People will similarly go to their favourite artist’s website in order to inform themselves of upcoming events and news about their favourite artist, as well as to be entertained and reinforce why they like that band or artist. To truly understand conventions of websites and Blulmer and Katz theory , we decided to look at a professionally made website. ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ is an alternative rock band which is similar to ‘Linkin Park’, the band that we are basing our band off of. In the Screencastify below, we discuss:

  • The genre
  • Representation of the band and it’s members
  • Themes
  • Meta-narrative of ‘Bring Me The Horizon’

We learnt that this website does not only provide information for newcomers and general fans, but also entertainment, allowing fans and interested viewers alike to see their newest content, keep updated in their news, see their tour plans, buy merchandise and follow them on social media, giving their fans the power t be fully indulged in their character and spread word of mouth.

In theory, we should be able to use this as a sort of inspiration of what a good and successful alternative rock band’s web page should look like. Though we should not and are not going to copy, it is important to see examples of conventions from our genre, for example colour scheme, font and layout. Hopefully we can achieve our goals of portraying a quirky unconventional band just like ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ did.





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