Previous Students Work

I have decided to analyse the XX’s previous students work, as their genre is quite similar to ours. Not only did this student make their website on Wix, just like us, but their band shares a lot in common with ours, yet differs too. For example:

  • The Home Page – Their home page just like ours is a scroll down, and reveals more information the further you go down. They, just like us, have their social media’s linked off to the side, and have a navigation bar at the very top featuring links to ‘Tour Dates’, ‘Merchandise’ and an ‘About’ page etc.
  • Hero Shot – This is where our sites differ however. Whereas we have a hero shot of our band, they have their latest video. Perhaps we should use this inspiration to get our music video somewhere up on our website in order to drag attention to it, and thus our bands latest album.
  • Discography – Our bands differ here too. They have a discography including all of their previous albums. I think that we should have this too, as it looks very effective on portraying that they are a real band with a history
  • Colour Scheme – Our bands are different in terms of colour scheme as well. Whereas we have blacks, greys, white’s and dark reds throughout our website, the XX have light blues, dark greys and purples. It seems to work for their band however, as they seem to have more lighthearted, quirky tones, and so what works for them, probably won’t work for us.

All in all, I think that though our bands are similar in some places, we do have quite different takes on the website. This previous student’s work contains website elements that we could use, for example the discography and introduction of our latest music video in order to draw buzz towards our latest album. I believe that though this is not a perfect website (For example, it doesn’t have any upcoming tours, or a huge mix of social media) it is a very good attempt.


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