Production Skills Evaluation 3

We as a group decided that we would do abstract pictures for our digipack, taking four photos from various distances, angles and compositions, and then photo shopping them all. We decided to start with filters, as shown below we used the ‘Colour Balance’ tool so we could play around with colour. As our genre was alternative rock, we decided to use reds, dark oranges, blacks and greys as those colours are conventional to the alternative rock genre.



We made sure that we used a range of media in order to make this digipack. To do this, we decided to use both Photoshop and InDesign with the former being used for any photo manipulation (As it was more advanced for photo manipulation than InDesign) And the latter for any text. As shown below we used a simplistic font with a black outline, and a big red x, as it was a reoccurring theme. It stuck with our colour scheme, and was also conventional to the genre of alternative rock. All the font editing was also done in InDesign, from shadowing to outlining, to making the x bigger and bolder.

I have learnt a lot of technical and transferable skills throughout the creation of this digipack. For example, in terms of technical skills I have learnt:

  • How to layer in Photoshop
  • How to add filters in Photoshop
  • How to liquify in Photoshop
  • How to use other basic tools in Photoshop
  • How to use filters on Photoshop

In contrast in terms of transferable skills I have learnt skills in:

  • Teamwork – Sometimes we would have to work together or compromise on elements of the magazine
  • Communication – It was vital to stay in touch with both of my team members at all time so we could work together on this
  • Organisation – It was important to store files in the right places, and be organised so that we all knew which posts to do and when

Above depicts the picture of the layers that we had used, all culminating in a highly advanced and highly complex picture. Below is a picture of the filter gallery. We decided to use it in our inside left and discography. Both technical skills that I have learnt since making the digipack.




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