Web Page Draft 1/ What has changed

First Draft:
We had made a rough draft of the website and submitted it for feedback from our teacher. When it got back to us, we discovered that we had a few areas to improve on, even though that on the whole the website tended to be quite good and conventional to the alternative rock genre. Some specific areas that we needed to improve upon included:

  • We used too many fonts – Some fonts were more difficult to read and there was no real flow with the typography as we had too many fonts.
  • Missing video – We couldn’t get our video up on the website as it was taken down on YouTube, it was a prominent part of the album and needed to be on the front page ideally.
  • Mission statement – We had not included our mission statement anywhere on the website.
  • Music – We had put in an audio player, but no actual music played from it, to add a really cool spin to the website, it would be good to have music from our band playing when you click on it.
  • Menu order – The menu was a bit awkwardly ordered with no real rhyme or rhythm to it. It was important to order the menu.
  • Drop Down Menu – It would be nice to add in a drop down menu to spice up the site
  • Tracks – There are too few tracks on the digipack, we needed to add some in

Though small tweaks, the devil is in the detail, and it was important to acknowledge, change up and improve upon them to really get the highest marks, and really live up to our potential as media creators. We did address these issues, and I believe that we addressed them very well. Now we can focus on further enhancing and improving even more that we are almost there.


Final Draft:

We had changed a lot between our first and final drafts. For example:

  • We removed a few fonts and refined it to about four
  • We added the final draft of the music video to our website
  • We added in a mission statement
  • We added another Linkin Park song to the website for fans to listen to more music
  • We rearranged the menu to an appropriate order
  • We added a few more tracks onto the digipack

We responded quite well to feedback given, and was able to use it to improve our products vastly. I am very pleased with our website, and think that it is both conventional to the alt rock genre, and also is good at targeting our main demographics. To add to this, it overall looks very pristine, and the added factors really improved both our digipack and website.  Overall, I am very pleased everything, and believe that they are very good products.





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