How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

We were set a task by Lord Sugar to create a vlog to demonstrate our business plan to reach our target audience and how it does so. We have made the aforementioned vlog in which we talk about our bands latest album. In this vlog we go over how we have raised awareness for our latest album, as well as what we have done in order to connect with our target demographic and how they are meant to perceive our product. We have gone over things our target audience enjoy, and the conventions or unconventional of the music video, website and digipack. Specifically the music video and digipack. We have also discussed our record label and how we plan to distribute this album with everything included. From the guerrilla marketing ideas to big statements around the globe and online we have sufficiently targeted our latest album towards our target demographic of young millennial English men.


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