How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

Below is a Piktochart of all of the technologies (Hardware, software and online) That we used in the creation of the music video, digipack and online website. Ranging from May 2018 way up until now. Here I discuss each and every technology that I used, as well as specific examples of them and an image providing a visual aid used for presenting and evidencing how each were used. I split up each technology into ‘Pre Production’, ‘On-Set Production’ and ‘Post Production’, then also ‘Digipack’ and ‘Website’ for easy viewing. Each creative technology is split up into a colour (Blue = Software, Orange = Hardware and Purple = Online) and in addition to this, given a shape based on the creative technology also. Each one of the creative technologies listed were crucial for creating or evidencing work done. Without them, our pieces wouldn’t have been as good or convenient as they were.



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