Production Skills Evaluation 2

It is time to edit our video, we have gone out and shot, and now it’s all post production. Though I have done a bit of video editing before, I would definitely say that this music video is the most edited piece I have done. My partners and I have put all of the clips in order of what we want, and have been putting filters and effects on the video, to make it really stand out, and to also fit into our genre of alternative rock. I looked online to see some psychedelic and dreamy effects I could use, something to really get the audience asking about what they just saw, and got inspired to use several different effects to keep things interesting. Specifically, ghosting/echo effects and glitch effects.

I found out that using a ‘wave warp’ for about one frame made a glitch effect. From there, I played around with the ‘Wave Type’, and found that ‘Noise’ gives the best effect, so we stuck with that. We changed around the height, width, direction and speed of the glitch to keep each and every type different, making a few stand out by holding them for a few frames. We used pinning too to make sure the lines didn’t go off of the screen. The picture above shows how we used ‘Key Frames’ to up the distortion of our glitch, and also the details on the warp effect. The effects are most common when our ‘Masked men’ characters come into frame, and make the already creepy characters have a bit more substance to them, and things going on.

Colour correction is also a massive part of being an editor, as colours sometimes can make an average shot incredible by upping ‘exposure’, ‘contrast’ and highlighting certain colours. We used this colour grading to provide highlight our genre, as when you think alt rock, you think of blacks, dark greys, reds, oranges, and other aggressive colours. Therefore, I heightened the blacks in the performance shots. As we had multiple shoots, I also had to warm some shots up, as the light was colder in our second shoot in comparison to the first. The colour grading also was used in our glitch effect, as some glitches had colours, most red, blue or green, tricking the eye and providing constant visual stimulus, there is not a second to blink during our narrative story.












We had an industry professional come into the school, and teach us some production skills. He helped us tremendously, and gave us some feedback of our piece. He said that he liked our piece, and ‘wave warp’ glitches, however did tell us that we needed to upgrade our file organisation, which we agreed needed work on. Thus, we decided to reorganise our files. In addition, he taught us how to create duplicates of our sequences, so that we could make improvements as and when we needed without destroying what we had already created. One of an editors main requirements is to be extremely organised, and so this is very important. An organised folder structure saves hours for editing.


Overall, I believe that my team and I have learnt vast amounts about premier pro and editing over the past few weeks. From editing to the beat, to folder organisation, to lip syncing and colour correction. I have learn a lot of effects that are really easy, yet effective, and overall I am very happy with all that I have learnt throughout the weeks. I really have developed as a media creator, and have added new, innovative and useful tools to my arsenal as a media student!


Production Skills Evaluation 1

So far, I have learnt a lot about music video’s and how to make them, and even though already being a film student, and therefore already having a vast knowledge of camera angles, distances and composition and what they mean, I have still learn a lot of production skills throughout the learning process. For example:

  • How to edit to the beat
  • How music stars are represented in music videos
  • How to lip sync
  • How important both predicted pleasures, but also new challenging ideas are
  • How to organise files
  • How to have a split narrative, having multiple things happen at the same time
  • General Advanced editing techniques such as the echo, kaleidoscope, or strobe light

We have now gone out and filmed both our narrative and performance, with me being the cinematographer of the performance piece, and actor in the narrative. My team mates and I have equally shared the workload, and have made it easier on ourselves because of this. Therefore, not only have I learnt technical skills, but also skills in teamwork, communication and leadership, as a lot of the time we would have to divide work between us, whilst I do one task, they do another, and I would have to trust that they would get on and do it. Not to my surprise this has worked out well, and contributing with others has made it easier than what it would have otherwise been.

This is my most advanced and detailed edit out of anything that I have done before, dozens upon dozens of clips are being used, merged and split up here, and so I need to use a lot of different effects, transitions and filters. To add to this, a few shots aren’t of the best quality, however are very good, and so the picture at the bottom for example, shows how I have layered and adjustment layers (Another skill I have learnt) to make a clip more crisp, and look higher quality.¬†Therefore, I personally believe that I have learnt vast amounts about not only the industry of music videos, but also how to effectively work in a group, and compromise, and have enhanced and added to my already decent knowledge of premier pro.