Mission Statement

We have researched, and revised our target audience in preparation of making our mission statement. As shown in the image below, our target audience demographic consisted of:

  • Predominantly female
  • 25-39 Years Old
  • North East Born (UK demographic)
  • Left politically leaning
  • From rich backgrounds


Our mission statement:

Exile is the sole embodiment of modern Alt Rock – the combination of modern rap influenced by the likes of Jay-Z mixed with hardcore rock creates the perfect mix for a cult following. Exile aims to break down the stigmas of rock and rap with a cumbustion of the two – frontrunning the genre into mainstream popularity. Combining the street slang of underground rap, hardcore riffs of the world of Rock n’ Roll filled with the energy of a Punk rock meltdown – Exile embodies the redemption of the modern alt rock genre.

Call to action
We will want our target audience to view our band as tough, and hardened. To do this, we will brand them with with a dark and edgy colour palette full of reds, oranges, browns and blacks. We will interact with fans via social media, and really represent the bands ideologies through the use of the internet. We will link all of our social media’s and websites on most of our forms of advertisement. For example, on a Facebook, we would have our Instagram, Twitter and official website accounts linked.

The Competition:
To get our heads above other alt rock bands such as Green Day, Nirvana and Radiohead, we will make our album eye grabbing, and never be afraid to come out of our comfort zone. Though it is important to give the audiences their predictable pleasures to assure that it is not rejected, we must also be unconventional, and be different to lure in new fans. Maybe we will get an obscure image or colour on the cover, maybe we will create an interesting wacky design on the front.

Our USP:

As the band who made the ‘Faint’ song is already an established band, being ‘Linkin Park’. We will embrace the draw of the band, trying to replicate what made them so popular in the early 2000’s. ‘Linkin Park’ are established, and one of the pioneers of the alternative rock genre. We will play into this by changing it up just enough, but still trying to stay faithful to ‘Linkin Park’. We will do this by focusing on everyday life problems a lot of their fans will go through, such as social problems, health problems and mental problems, however present it in a grander scale, or in essence, presenting the audience with something ordinary, through an extraordinary source. Therefore conforming to Dyers theory of meta narrative.






Digipack Conventions Analysis

As we are creating our own digipacks, it is important to study, and understand what makes an album cover and back good. As our song ‘Faint’ is by ‘Linkin Park’, my group and I decided to study album covers and backs from similar artists to them. I chose one of their other albums ‘Hybrid Theory’, as it is the same genre that we will be making our digipacks about. We can use this as inspiration, or at least use similar conventions such as colour scheme, font, imagery or themes in our cover.

This album cover and back have such conventions such as:

  • Artists name
  • Album Name
  • Traditional alt rock style cover
  • Consistent colour scheme
  • Bar-code
  • Record Label
  • List of song tracks


If we use, remix, chop and change these conventions, I believe that we will have a unique yet somewhat conventional digipack, that not only reaches the predictable pleasures of our target audience, but also challenges them, presenting our target audience with a new style, challenging their beliefs and refreshing their thoughts about the genre and our band. If we stick to a base guideline and general conventions, yet mix it up, I think that we will have a very original yet fitting digipack.