Preliminary Montage


This is my montage I have, about a typical school day, the shots were are relatively decently composed, though I did not take any of them, as I have experience with camera work, I let my partner compose all the shots. I edited it however, and played around with all of the shots, in terms of colour, speed, volume and transitions. I believe that I edited it relatively well, however some shots look out of place because of me playing around with premier pro, for example, the black and white establishing shot. This is not my finest work, and I could definitely improve, however this is a good start, and a place to prove upon. I have learnt that:

  • Sound
  • Clips of footage
  • Transitions
  • Effects

All have to be used in tandem to create a good video, and I could easily use this lesson when creating my music video.


Here is my storyboard, it tells us what is going on, what we want as directors, and what we want to see. This could include shot distances, shot composition or shot movement. There is a little description saying what is going on in the shot, and this helps the director out in the filming process, they go into it knowing what to do, and how to do it.


Preliminary Task

This is my very first continuity task, about the exchange of a sweater between a girlfriend, and her boyfriend. I believe that it was quite good for a first attempt, and as a film student, I believe that it should be, as I already have a good understanding of film techniques. I believed that I used these techniques effectively, things such as:

  • 180 degree rule – It was not broken
  • Shot reverse shot
  • Editing speed – Was fast when encouraged, and for more dramatic moments, were slower to show emotion
  • Close ups – Used to portray emotion, and used when welcomed
  • Good establishing shot – Established where we were, and who we were with

Despite this, it was not flawless, this is my very first preliminary video task, and so there is still much left to learn. Some things could have been improved upon. Elements such as:

  • Match on actions – They could have been tighter by a few fractions of seconds to make it look like one take
  • More use of a two shot – I only used two two-shots and thus to establish the relationship between the characters
  • Ending – I could not find the file of my final shot where I would fade to black, and the fade itself did not work. Therefore, the ending was not peaceful and bliss, it was abrupt more than I wanted it to be.

Having said this, I believe that they things I did well greatly outweighed the things that I had done wrong, and the things I didn’t do so well are easily fixable in future projects, the cinematography was well done, and composed. The editing good, and portrayed the narrative well. I made sense of time, location, characters and their relationships and because of all of this, a narrative was clear and not confusing for the audience. Due to the 180 degree rule being followed, the scene geography was easy to navigate, and therefore, I believe that this was a good and solid first attempt.