Flow Chart

We have made a flow chart in order to demonstrate how everything links on our website. We have also described how every page on our website has significance, for example how you can buy merchandise in the shop to support the band, or linking tour, and allowing UK and EU residents to see our band when they come to their countries.

On our website, you are put straight onto the splash page with a big hero shot, letting you know that you’re on the right page. We have our title right beneath, and a red and black conventional colour scheme. At the very top of the page, there is a link to all of the bands social media, as well as our toolbar, allowing the user to navigate throughout the website, all of them shown in the flow chart below:


In addition, it is important to know how we made the website. In terms of our group, I decided to give some general words to Wix, and they gave us a template. This made our template, however we changed the template a lot in order to make it personal to our band. The creating process is as shown below: