Mast Head Designs

Here are some Mastheads for my music magazine that I have created and tested out using In Design:

I have used a range of different fonts including Serif, Sans Serif and Decorative. I personally feel (as well as a peer) that the Serif font does not work very well as it does not fit in with the pop genre very well. This is as it seems too formal and isn’t exciting enough. The Sans Serif fonts are quite good as they are very bold and easy to read. This would be successful for a masthead as that is exactly what you want; so that your customers are attracted to your magazine. However, I believe that the decorative fonts (the ones with lots of lines) are my favourite as although they are interesting, they are still very easy to read. I also like the number 2 being coloured yellow or magenta so that it adds excitement for the audience. This fits in with the genre very well without it being too tacky or too colourful. Other colours I tried were less successful. For example, the blue wasn’t really appropriate for the genre so possibly wouldn’t attract consumers to look at the magazine and the pale pink wasn’t bright enough to catch the attention of readers. I would not use these colours for my final masthead design.

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